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My Lesbian Girlfriend part 9

Between love and obligation - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image

Title: My Lesbian Girlfriend

Author : Seven94 @ https://indonesiafanfictionarea.wordpress.com/

Cast :

  • Jung Yunho
  • Lee Nara (You)
  • Song Ji eun (Secret girlband)
  • Shim Changmin
  • Kim Hyuna (4minute)

Genre : Romance,sad,angst,little bit comedy


Rating : Teens [16+]

[Yunho POV]

“you’re right,I remember that.”I laugh when Jessica tell me about how we first met.

“I will never forget how you look like when my niece,throw her ice cream to you.”jessice giggling.

“yeah it was my favorite shirt.” I laugh.

“and thank god it was you.”she said,her eye still focused to the han river.

“why?”I asked.

“because if it somebody else I we won’t meet and I never fall in love with you.”she said turning her gaze at me.

“that’s true.” I agree and nodding my head.

“yunho,is there someone else new now?” she asked.

I don’t know how answer that question,I have nara now but not really as a girlfriend.

“no im still single,how about you?” I asked back.

“same.”she replied.

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My Lesbian Girlfriend part 7

The Bet - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image

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[Changmin POV]

After the party last night im still thinking what relationship she had with lee nara? I mean she look really jealous with she see yunho wrap his hand around nara.

If they’re just friend she never gonna runaway from the party and crying like I see last night.

“something wrong about them…” I mumbled toi myself.

“what is wrong?” yunho suddenly asked me,it turns out he already stand beside me.

“yah!yunho you scared me.” I said patting my chest.

“sorry.” He grinned.

“I just want you to know that im going out for a moment,if my mom called tell her im busy.” He said leaving my desk.

“are you trying to runaway yunho?!” asked.

He just smiled and disappear.

Aish..that guy! Always runaway from his problem..

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My Lesbian Girlfriend 6

After the fight - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image

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[Nara Pov]

“ji eun..im sorry..” I banging the bedroom door,ji eun locked it she wouldn’t let me in.

“I hate you! go away!” I can hear ji eun yelled.

“please ji eun let me explain!” im begging her,but it’s like it doesn’t work.

I sigh and sit on the floor leaning my head to the door.

“please baby…don’t do this to me..” I knocked the door for the fifth times.

Surprisingly ji eun open the door making me fall backward.

“explain now!” she command and walking to the sofa.

Immediately I follow her and sit beside her.

“so,what are you doing with yunho?!” she asked with an irritated tone.

“ he..he’s my boss.” I answered.

“your boss?he wrap his hand around your waist nara, a boss never do that to his co worker!” ji eun raised her voice making me nervous, I hate confrontation.

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My Lesbian Girlfriend part 5

Liar!! - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image

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[Nara POV]

“what are we doing here??” you asked to yunho who drive you to a salon,he called you in the morning and told you to get ready.

“give you a makeover.” He said pushing you to the salon.

“what a minute!i never said I want a makeover…” I cried.

“but you said you, will be a one damn dazzling fake girlfriend right?” Yunho said dragging me into the recepsionist table.

“good morning sir,may I help you?”the recepsionist ask and smiling.

“yes,can you give her a full makeover?i don’t care how much the price is just change her to a beauty.”

“what the hell yunho?!are you saying that im ugly?” I snaped.

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My Lesbian Girlfriend

Deal with the devil - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image



[Nara POV]


I just can’t stop giggling,oh my god is he actually want to hang out with me? Director jung is really weird is that how he try to apologize? So weird.

After a long walk with jungho I finally reached my aparterment ,jungho mom thanked me and gave me some of her delicious meal so I don’t need to cook tonight.

“Naraaa!” I can heard a lound voice come closer to me and it’s turn out my girlfriend voice,ji eun.

“ji eun? You already back?”

“yes,my manager taking me home.” She said,wrapping her hand around my neck and give a peck on my lips.

“it’s nice to see you again.” I smiled give her another kiss on her lips but this time longer.

She hug me so tight,I can smell her parfume she never change her parfume.

“so how’s your trip?” I ask lead her to the couch.

“it’s boring without you.” She pouts.

“aigo..shouldn’t you be happy?you’re the one who always want to go to new York.” I pinch her nose make her giggle.

“but I want to go with you,not with the girls.”she said still pouting.

“well maybe we can if we have a free time.”

Ji eun rest her head in my shoulder and hold my hands really tight.

“Nara do you love me?” she asked,I can hear her voice shaking.

“ofcourse I do,why did you suddenly ask about that?”

Ji eun doesn’t reply she look sad.

“what’s wrong ?”I asked.

She stand up and smiled,her smiled look so fake for me.

“nothing,I have something for you come on.” Ji eun pull my hand.

We walked towards the bedroom.



[Yunho POV]

“so,tell me who’s that girl?” my mom asked her eye glared at me.

“her name is nara mom ,she’s my girlfriend.” I answered.

“didn’t I tell you to marry hyuna?why are you so stubborn!” my mom yelled.

“im sorry mom but this is my life you can’t always control me im a grown up man,and I don’t like hyuna.” I said make her stand up from her seat.

“listen young man,im your mother I want the best for you.”she stated.

“I know mom,but I don’t like her if you want the best for me let me choose my own wife.”

I stand up as well and leave my mom room.

“jung yunho!” my mom called,I ignore her and slam my bedroom door.

“screw her!”I throw myself into my bed.

Oh.right I remember I should call nara,maybe we can arrange some plan to make my mom stop setting me up with random girl that I don’t even like!

I search my handpnone in my pocket,I start to dial mr.kim number.

“yobuseo..”I can hear a middle aged man voice in other line.

“ah yobuseo mr.kim it’s me yunho.”

“oh yunho-ssi..did you need something?”he asked.

“yes,actually I need lee nara phone number.”

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My Lesbian Girlfriend part 3

The dark past - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image


[Yunho POV]

“yunho you’re a boy you shouldn’t cry.”

“yunho you’re a boy,you’re shouldn’t be eating sweet.”

                                 “yunho you’re the only son of jung family be a director like your father”

“yunho you should marry a fine young woman like hyuna,forget about your girlfriends”


I quickly wake up from my nightmare,I think im fall asleep after finishing reading the manuscript.

“director,are you okay?” I can hear changmin voice,it turns out he’s already stand beside me holding a glass of water.

“im fine.” I said pinch my nose bridge.

“here’s water,I hope it’s help you more relax.” Changmin put the glass in my desk.

“ah…thank’s” I said,drinking the water that changmin bring.

“no problem.”he said.

“what are you doing in my office?” I ask.

“well,im just organizing some file.” He said,while checking out my bookshelf.

“oh yeah and I want to ask you something.”

Changmin turn around and looking at me with hissuspicious gaze.

“what did you do to miss lee? She’s look upset when she leave the office.”

I sigh.

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