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Hurt – Part 1 [English version]

Title: Hurt

Author : Seven94 @ https://indonesiafanfictionarea.wordpress.com/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/cherrish.sweet?ref=tn_tnmn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Seven941


Cast :

  • Park Chanyoung     [OC]
  • Kim Suho                   [ Suho Exo-K]
  • Wu Yifan                   [Kris Exo-M]

Genre : Angst,Romance

Length : Undecided

Rating : PG17

i’m so sorry if i made alot of mistake, english is not my first language but i’ll try my best


It was him, the first person who notice me he smiled at me that night my mother said I’m lucky to be noticed by a prince like him. All my friends said they were jealous at me, because it seems the prince only has his eye for me.

“Prince Suho like you Chanyoung,you better behave infront of him.” Mother said that night.

I didn’t know what to do I was so shocked with the news, after my dance one of the prince servant called me. She said the prince want to visit my house, and he would like to know me personally. Ofcourse I couldn’t say no knowing his the prince of Korea, everyone would hate me if I decline.

“Go Chanyoung it’s your chance, be good to him and he would like you.” Mother encourage me.

“That’s right Eonni it’s your chance!” My little sister also said she was so excited, no hint of jealousy in her eye.

“I don’t know mom..I don’t think I’m worthy for the prince.” I said sadly and my mom glare at me with angry expression all over her face.

“Don’t you dare said that! Chanyoung you are beautiful and smart you are worthy for him and everybody in this kingdom.” My mom scolded.

“Now go, greet him and make him like you so you could be a queen.” My mom pushed me out of my room.

With a heavy sigh I walk towards the living room of my family house, there he was sitting comfortably and he glance at me when he heard the door opened. He beams at me charmingly, so nice and kind no wonder all his people love him and want to serve him.

“Your highness, good evening.” I greet him and bow to him.

“Lady Park, nice to meet you.. You look beautiful as usual.” He completed me and I just smile sheepishly.

“Oh please have a seat, I’m so enchanted by your family garden.” He said and I just nod, I know my family garden is beautiful to the point enchanting.

” I saw you dancing  at the festival, since when did you dance? Your dance is so graceful and smooth.” He asked.

“I dance since I was fourteen my lord, I saw my mother dancing and I’m immediately know that I want to dance forever .” I answered and the prince seems to find my answer interesting.

“Such a passion for a beautiful lady like you, then why don’t you come to the palace with me and show me how good you are?” The prince offered, I was shocked when I heard the offer is this real? It’s like a fairy tale for me, too perfect.

“I-i don’t know my prince, I don’t think I’m good enough for the palace festival I might disappoint you.” I said without looking at his eye, I can never meet his eye he’s too mighty,handsome and gentle I might give my heart too easily for him.

“Oh don’t be like that, you will practice right? I’ll call the most great instructor for you and you could learn from her if you want, I know you have talent lady Park.” Suho said he stand up and walk towards me.

“Why won’t you meet my eyes lady Park? Am I not good looking enough for you?” He asked sounds full of hurt.

I immediately look up and our eyes meet he smile at me and I froze, even his eyes are so beautiful and clear. He’s eyes were bright brown and his skin as pale as snow,hair black as black as an obsidian stone so handsome how can a man can be this handsome.

“That’s better, you have a very beautiful eyes lady Park..” He said.

“So are you.” I said back unconsciously and he chuckled.

My cheek immediately feels hot and I turn away hiding my now blushing cheeks, he chuckled more maybe he find that teasing me is entertaining for him. I pout and try to calm myself I’m with the prince now and I have to behave, at least I make him laugh right? I turn around and saw him still laughing.

“Oh Lady park, you’re so cute please..let me take you to dinner sometime, I like to talking to you.” I nodded and smiled at him.

“I’ll sent my servant later, just wait for me.. I will comeback if I have time.” He said, he lean in and kissed my forehead.

“I can’t wait to see you again.” Suho said and he stand up, he offer his hand to help me stand up. I take his hand and stand up, we both walk out form the living room and all Suho servant and guards stand up and greet him.

“It’s late now, I have to go back..I will see you later.” Suho said and I nod.

“For now, goodbye lady Park sleep tight.” He said.

“You too my lord, be careful on the way.” He smile and ruffle my hair.

“Don’t worry, I have a lot of guard.”


   I guess the prince wasn’t lying when he said he would call the best dance instructor because now she’s standing in front of me, she’s really beautiful with long black hair and a fair tanned skin but scary when she’s angry.

“That’s not the right foot lady Park!” Hyoyeon seonsaengnim bark, yeah..she’s a little bit hard on me.

“Yes seonsaengnim!” I corrected my foot and she smiled.

“Great now start from the first.” Hyoyeon instructed and I obey.

I start from the first routine we always do, I follow the rhythm of the music that she’s playing she’s really good with flute so she can play the music and stop when I makes a mistake like before.

I always like dancing in the morning because the sun shining and the wind blows but not too hard, my mind still clear and my body still full of energy.

“Lady Park focus!” Hyoyeon seonsaengnim yelled and I wake up from my trance.

“Yes Seonsaengnim!” I said.

I think I’m just going to shut up and practicing my dance, she would know if I’m talking in my mind again that just how scary she is.


“So how’s the dancing practice?” Prince Suho asked as he reach his glass of tea.

“It was fun.. Hyoyeon seonsaengnim really great ?” I answered nervously, I don’t know what to say actually so I end up sounding like an inconsistent little girl.

“Why are you sound so unsure? Did she do something bad to you?” Prince Suho asked, he seems a little bit concerns.

“No..no.. She’s really is great, but sometime she’s too hard on me I guess.” I said and prince Suho chuckled.

“I know… she can be a pain in the neck sometime, but trust me she know what she is doing.”Suho said and I smiled.

“I know prince, I would never doubt your choices.” I said and he scooted closer to me.

“Hm…really? Why did you trust me so much?” Suho asked face too close.

“I..I..because you’re my prince.” I said shuttering.

“I am your prince, but you don’t know I might be bad person you know? What if I stab you now? What if I want to rape you? Do you still believe in me?” Suho asked voice low and seductive.

“My prince you wouldn’t such a thing…” I said nervously.

“Really? You don’t know me..I could hide a knife in my pocket now.” Suho whispered and I push him away almost knocked him on the floor.

“Wow you’re strong…” Suho said and he stable himself again.

“Sorry if I scared you I was just kidding, you’re right I would never do such a thing.”Suho said and he smiled at me, I was so relief to see his gentle side again I’m afraid the earlier him was the real him.

“Your highness please..don’t do that again, you almost give me a heart attack.” I said with heavy sigh of relief and he chuckled.

“Don’t worry my lady, it won’t happen again I promise.. My point is, don’t believe in other person so much, believe in yourself first that’s the most important.” Suho said and I nod, but still I believe him even through we just met a couple months ago I believe him.

“I was just wondering, when you will visit me in the palace? I want to show you around Lady Park.” Suho stated.

“I don’t know my prince, I may have to discuss that with my father and mother.” I replied.

“I understand that, but you always welcome my lady..my palace door always open to you.” Suho hold my hand and I smiled to him.

“Thank you my prince.”I smiled.

“Lady Park.. I want to ask you something.” Suho said and I glance at him.

“What is it my Prince?”I asked and he scooted closer to me. He cupped my face, my eyes widened when I feel his warm hand against my cheek.

“You know how I feel about you right lady Park?” He asked and I just froze, what did prince Suho feels about me? I don’t know, I’m afraid I might get ahead of myself.

“You don’t know?” Suho asked he seems a little bit hurt, can see it from his expression.

“Prince Suho I don’t want to get ahead of myself I might misunderstand your friendship..” I said and Suho grip my shoulder.

“I’m never seeing you as a friend Chanyoung, I always see you more than that.” Suho confess and I smiled at him, I can see a faint red appearing on his cheek.

“Then, what am I to you?” I asked teasing him, I want my revenge now.

“I swear to god, you would be the death of me Park Chanyoung! You didn’t know? I’m in love with you.”

I smiled and hug him, I can feel his gentle hand touch my back. I was so happy when he said that, I know I’m in love with him too all this time but I’m to afraid to say anything to him.

“Me too your highness, I always like you..from the first time we met.” I said and he release from my hug.

“I love you Park Chanyoung.” Suho said and I smiled.

“I love you too my prince.” I replied and he shake his head.

“Don’t call me that, call me Suho..when we are alone call me Suho.” Suho said and I obey.

“Yes Suho, I love you…”

Suho lean in and our lips met for the first time we know we would have a lot of kisses from here, Suho lips feels hot against my cold lips and he pulled away after a few minute it was just an innocent kiss between us.

“I want you to be mine, I’m not rushing you but please when I propose please say yes.” Suho whispered and I cupped his face.

“Don’t worry I will Suho, didn’t I tell you I’m in love with you?”

He nodded and he kissed me again this time full of passion.


“We can’t win, our kingdom is in danger Chanyoung.” My father said.

“You can’t marry to the prince, not now…” My father try to release my engagement ring with Suho from my finger  and I fight back, I would never let him touch my engagement ring with Suho.

“No father! I love him..I will stand by him until the war over.” I said and my father shake my body.

“Wake up Chanyoung! The prince will die..we’re losing to Chinese kingdom  now.” My father screamed.

“No…I don’t care, I will runaway with him.”

My father glare at me and he slap me hard until I fall to the ground, I can feel The corner of my lips bleeding and I can taste the metallic taste of my own blood.

“You will not marry the prince, I will take you to China and if you have to, you will marry their prince to save our family.”My dad said, he leave my room with angry step and my sister come into my room.

Eonni, are you alright? Eonni your lips bleeding.” She said and she panicked.

“I’m fine, Chanhee can you go? I want to be alone.” I said and my sister nod.

“Eonni I’m sorry about you and prince Suho.” Chanhee said and I smile softly to her.

“Don’t be Chanhee, now go.. Mother might be looking for you.” Chanhee walk out of my room and close the door.

My cheek still feels hot and burning from my father slap, I stare at my engagement ring with Suho. I wish he was here to wipe all this pain, he’s been in a war for almost two weeks now and my father heard a lot of rumor that our kingdom would fall, my father so afraid he start to packing our things and planned to moving out of this kingdom.

I walk toward my study table, I open one roll of paper that I have left I don’t really like writing letter but I have to now. I don’t know when my family would leave so I have to tell him everything, I will tell him how much I miss him and how much I love him, and then in the end I have to say the bitter fact that I’m leaving him.

No, im not leaving him..im forced to leave him even through I don’t want it, sometime I hate myself for this. I can’t do anything I’m just a women, I can’t choose everything because my family control me, no my father control me.


      My family really left, we left in the dawn when anybody still sleep soundly on their bed. My sister crying nonstop because she wasn’t able to said goodbye to all her friend, I can only hug her I want to cry too but I’m too worried to cry.

I don’t know if my letters reach Suho or not, I give my latter to one my the soldier who would go to the battlefield yesterday and he promised me to send it to the prince but still I have doubt.

So torturing..that’s what I feels when we finally out of the kingdom and heading to China, I can even speak the language but my father said he learned it in school when he was younger. My father always good at languages he always master new language really fast and I admire him for that, but beside his good quality there’s always his bad quality that make me hate him sometime and one of them is  his stubbornness .

“Welcome Mr.Park, we’ve expecting you.” One of the gate guard greet my father in korean, my father smiled at him.

“Thank you, I can’t wait to live here.”My father replied and the big gate in front of us opened slowly and finally we able to step inside the kingdom.

Some of the guard lead us to the big house on top of the hill, I didn’t know our family could afford such a big house. They opened the house door for us, my father said something to the guard in Chinese and they left.

“How is it? Do you like this house Chanhee?” My father asked but she still sulking so she didn’t reply.

“How about you Chanyoung?” My father asked.

“It’s nice.” I said weakly and mom touch my shoulder, maybe she try to comfort me.

Yeobo, let’s just rest.. I’m tired from the journey.” My mom said.

“Fine, you three can rest… I have something to take care of, becareful ok? Don’t open the door for stranger.” My father warned and he leave with a mystery for me .

I don’t know how my father can easily settle in China without even make any of the guard suspicious of him, he live in the enemy kingdom before for god sake! if I were the China king i would kill him as soon as he step his foot in this land.


    Hearing my sister now fluently speaking chinese is so weird, we’ve been speaking Chinese everyday in our life since we moved here 1 year ago. My dad was right, Korean kingdom fall and I heard that Suho was killed in the battle, I was crying and mourning over his death but my father just scold me and told me that I shouldn’t cry for an useless prince like him.

“But I love him father..” That was my excuse, since I moved here there’s so many man who wants to marry me.

I tell them straight no, I don’t want to play games with them and making them think that they have a chances with me. I’m not being arrogant but it’s because my heart still love Suho, prince Suho who always gentle with me and kind hearted.

I can’t forget him doesn’t matter how many handsome faces that I met he always win, doesn’t matter how many gentle and kindhearted man I met he always the one that I long for.

“So when did you will marry? Are you going to make clothes until you die?” My father asked and I just smiled bitterly.

“Father I would never marry not until I find Suho.” I answered.

“FOOL! Didn’t I tell you that prince Suho is dead?! He’s dead Chanyoung, you can’t expect him to come here and offer you his shelter and gold for taking you as his wife!” My father bark and I just sit there.

“Then take my life, let me see him in afterlife… I’m more happy that way.” I replied and he lift his hand to slap me.

“Enough! Jungsu, you can’t control our daughter life anymore.” My mom yelled, she seems really angry.

“Doesn’t matter how many times you slap her she won’t listen to you or me, let her do want she want.” My mom said and I looking down at the ground hiding my teary eyes.

“She knows what best for herself, stop telling her what to do.” My said and my father sighed.

“You’re right, fine… What do you want Chanyoung? What do you want to do?” My father asked.

“I want to find Suho, I want to know how he is doing , even if he’s dead I want to find his body and after that as a payment I will do everything you want.”

“Somehow I knew you would say that, I guess we really are father and daughter, fine let’s go I take you to someone who killed him.” My father said and somehow my heart stop when I heard the word ‘killed’ out from my father mouth.

My father actually bring me to the palace, I was so shocked. I can see a lot of tall building and guards everywhere, there was three servant who greeted us when my father and I walk into the palace.

“Wait here, I would ask for someone you want, you can ask everything to him about Suho and how he’s dead.” My father said as he walk out from the room.

I look around and I saw a few paintings on the wall it was quite beautiful, I can see a swan and a garden painting but one of the painting that stole my attention is one painting in the middle.

One man and women and two kids on the floor and one on the women arms, that’s what I see on the painting. The women wearing a tradisional chinese clothes and the man wearing something more modern with pants and coat, I smiled as I see the little girl on the women arms smiled widely.

“That’s my parent and siblings.” A voice startled me and I look away from the painting.

“Who are you?” I asked when I found a man standing tall beside me he’s wearing the same model pants and coat like the man on the painting.

“I’m Yifan, and isn’t rude to call your prince like that?” Yifan said and my eyes widened, why the hell did my father asked for a prince?! I thought he would call some soldier or private assasins.

“I’m so sorry your highness I didn’t expecting you.” I bow to him.

“I know, you might be expecting some old man or a soldier to come am I right?” Yifan guessed and I nod with agreement.

“Have a seat lady Park, your father keep pestering me about meeting you so I have to do this to stop him.” Yifan said as we both sit on the chair in the corner of the room near a window.

“I’m sorry for bothering you..it’s just, it’s really important for me.” I said and he smiled at me.

“I understand,to heared you’re so eager to meet me I feel flattered.” Yifan said.

“Oh no, it’s all  my pleasure to see you yourhighness.” I said and Yifan only giving me a halfhearted smiled.

“Oh really, you won’t be as happy as now if you know what I’m going to tell you.” Yifan said he dig into his pocket and he show me one bloody envelope.

“It’s from him, I’m the one who killed him.” Yifan confess lazily, my blood boils and I don’t know what’s got into me I stand up and slap him hard.

He just froze and touch his burning cheeks, I stare at him full of hatred. How dare he killed Suho? And he said it almost as if killing people is not a big deal, he just took Suho life as he please and facing me as if he didn’t do anything wrong how heartless this man can be? Is his heart made of stone?

“You can go to jail from that lady Park, I hope you know.” Yifan said breaking the ice between us.

“I don’t care, I’m happy if I die now anyway atleast I can curse you.” I said and he smirk.

“Oh really? what curse you will cast on me?” Yifan challenged and I clench my fist.

“You would never find a true love, every women you love would die in your hands.” I said and he laugh.

“Hahaha yeah, huuu I’m scared.” Yifan mocking me and I stared at him with my teary eyes, he stopped when he realize that I’m in the edge of crying.

“Lady Park I’m sorry, I know it’s a big deal for you..but I’m..I don’t know how to be sensitive sometime.” He said, he seems really sorry about what he has done.

“You really are cold, no wonder all the people in the town hate you!” I said angrily and I take the letter from his grip.

“Thank you for the letter, at least you kind enough not to rip it off.” I said and I wipe my tears.

“Lady Park..I..I’m so sorry.” Yifan said and I just smile bitterly to him.

“You don’t have to, if you didn’t feel it.”

I walk out from the room and my father looking at me puzzled when he saw me crying, he asked me a couple of times but I stay silent. I don’t want to talk about it, it’s too painful for me to talk about Suho or what happen in that room.

“How is it Chanyoung?” My mother asked when me when we arrived.

“Let her alone Sooyoung, I think she just shocked.” My father said and I just smile at them weakly and walk to my bedroom.

I open the letter from Yifan and I can recognize Suho handwriting, I try to calm myself first it’s overwhealming for me after long time I wait for his reply and now I finally can read it.


Dear,My lovely Park Chanyoung

      First of all I’m shocked when I receive this letter I’ve been waiting for your letter all this time, I miss you too Chanyoungie I really do and when I miss you I looked up to the sky and pray to god that this war would end soon so I can meet you again. There’s no single day that I didn’t think about you, I’m always curious what is she doing now? What is she eating? Did she practice well with Hyoyeon seonsaengnim? That kind of question always fill my head.

    I’m really happy when you said that you love me I really do Chanyoung, I’ve never been this happy in my entire life not even when my father spare his time for me while his busy. I just want to say thanks for everything, thank you for always be the reason for my smiles and happiness.

    I understand if you want to leave me, I know you father must be worried sick about you and your sister I didn’t blame him. If I was in he’s shoes I would probably do the same, I just..i don’t want to be your burden or something like that. I’m not going to lie I was hurt when I read your letter but I realize, I can’t be selfish now I must think about your family and your condition.

     If I didn’t win this battle please, please just move on and find a better man because if I die in this war that’s mean I’m not good enough for you, because I broke my promise. Do you remember the last time we met? I said I will win this war for you and all the people in my kingdom and I mean it Chanyoung,  and you said that I’m a bad person if I don’t keep my promise.

     If something happen to me please don’t cry, because if you cry I will cry too. Don’t dwell on the past and move on. I live to be your lover not a thorn in your flesh, I’m so sorry I can write longer I have to practice now.

     That’s is all I want to say, I’m sorry for making you cry I noticed the tear mark on the paper. I know it must be hard for you, but you have to be strong for me and for your family. Wait for me Chanyoungie, after the war over I will come to you and marry you I promise.

Sincerely yours, Prince Kim Suho

   I folded back the letter, I know Suho would say what he wrote on the latter I know he always been mature and considerate. He said I should move on, should i? I don’t even know if I can love another man beside him I can forget him he’s like ink on my flesh not thorn. Because if he’s a thorn I can pull out him long time ago eventhrough I’m bleeding it will heal but Suho not like that, he just like an ink doesn’t matter how many time I wash him away he would always there.

Without realizing my tears start to spill and drop on my hand, I can’t erase him never…he’s the best that ever happen to me how can I forget him? I put the latter on my study desk and wipe my tears away. I open my bedroom windows and I look up to the sky, it’s the first time I do this outside the temple where we used to pray, but now I really do want to pray.

“God please,if he really is gone I want you to put him in the most beautiful and peaceful heaven,but if he still alive and out there..please God, let me see him.” I said, my voice crack at the end because I try not to cry.

“And God, if he’s beside you now tell him.. I’m always love him and miss him everyday.” I open my eyes and I startled when I see a falling star, I smiled widely is this way of god to reply to my prayer?


“What do you want?” I said, I stare at the figure infront of me with disgust and hatred.

“Lady Park, I’m happy to see you..you look beautiful today.” The man infront of me said but I just snort, so typical I know what kind of man he is.

“Prince Yifan, I don’t need you to come to my house. What do you want?” I asked and my father pinch my arm making me whine.

“Prince Yifan, it’s a honour for us..please have a seat.” My father said and Prince Yifan smiled at him halfheartedly, I always wonder why did he always do that? He never smiled genuinely unlike someone I know.

Yifan sit on the chair that my father prepared for him, my father ordered my sister to bring some tea and snack. My mother so exicited she prepared all kind of food that we have in storage for the prince, I could only roll my eyes it’s like how they treat Suho all over again.

“Oh it’s okay mister Park, you don’t have to..” Yifan said when he saw my father pour him some tea.

“I just want to talk to your daughter,please mister Park you don’t have to prepare anything for me.” He stated and My father nod his head.

“Chanyoung, why don’t you accompany him to our garden?” My father said and I roll eye I never like our new garden in China.

“This way your highness.” I stand up and show him the way to our garden.

After a few minutes of walk we arrive at my family garden, at first we both just walk side by side without saying anything until Yifan stop his track and glance at me. I glance at him too, wondering why did he stop.

“I..I’m really sorry when I said I’m sorry yesterday, I know I can be unpleaseant sometime so pardon me.” Yifan said, he seems sincere enough to apalogize.

“Really? You mean it?” I asked and he nod.

“Yes, I actually know prince Suho..we’ve been rival since we were kid.” Yifan stated and I stare at him a little bit shocked.

“Before China and Korea became enemies, me and my family used to visit Suho and his family in Korea.” Yifan continue, he stare at the pond and smile to himself.

“We used to play sword and he always win because he always calm and I hated him for that, how can someone can be as calm as him? He never speak bad to me even when China and Korea being hostile.”

“Are you close to him?” I asked curious.

“Not really but I know him, my father always said to keep your enemy close..you know? So you understand him and easily attack him where it hurts?” Yifan crouch down and touch the water on the pond.

I can say anything back, I really want to strangle him now I want to kill him too. Especially when I saw his hand, I can imagine him swung his sword to Suho with that hands. I close my eyes it’s not good to think about that, Suho said I should move on and I have to respect his request.

“Lady Park..” Yifan called and I glance at him.

“Yes Yourhighness?”

“Can I call your name? like your father did?” Yifan asked and I just smile softly at him.

“Why not? You’re the prince..you can call me anything but peasant because I will slap you again if you ever call me that.” I said and Yifan laugh, he seems so happy when he laugh somehow he’s laugh remind me of him, Kim Suho.

“What? Peasant? Where did you get that idea? I would never call anyone like that.” Yifan said and I smiled.

“Just incase, if you being unpleasant to me again.” I said playfully and he smiled.

“I just want to ask you something Chanyoung, is that alright?” he asked unsure.

“Yes, what do you want to know yourhigness?”

“How long you and Suho been together? Are you engage to him?” He asked away.

“We been together for three years, and yes..i engage to him.” I answered and and I see Yifan face turn into a sad expression.

“I must be ruined everything didn’t I?” he asked, he sounds sad.

But I can’t say anything good, it’s true he did ruined everything between me and Suho. I jus stay silent and he sighed, he stand up and walk closer to me. He look down to me and from that I realize how tall he is, I look up and our face so close I can even feels his breath touching my upper lip.

“I thought you cry again.” He said and I pout.

“I’m not some helpless girl who always cry yourhigness.” I replied and Yifan smiled, he touch my head and caress my hair I’m shocked with his action but he stop it when he saw my eye widened in surprise.

“I know, I’m.. I think I just worried.” He said and he walk again towards my house.

“I should go now, I don’t want to make my mother complaining again about where I am..so do you forgive me?” He asked full of hope, I walk closer to him.

“Yes, I forgive you.” I replied and he smiled with relief.

“Thank you, I guess..see you around.” Yifan touch my shoulder and we both walk together to the house.

I don’t know why the place where he touch me it feels so cold as if an ice grow and stay there, he said farewell to my parent and my sister after that he leave with his guard and servant who always follow him around.

“What did he said to you? Did he said something about prince Suho?” My father asked and I shake my head, I don’t want to talk about him now.

“Eonni, how is he? He is so handsome right? And he’s more tall than prince Suho.” My sister Chanhee said, I just smiled at her she’s still doesn’t know pain, I’m so jealous of her so innocent and clean.

To Be Countinue..

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