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OST. Tale Of Two Siblings [Part 3]

Disclaimer: semua lagu didalam daftar ini bukan milik saya! semua lagu milik perusahaan/ artis yang menyanyikannya!
Saya membuat daftar lagu ini hanya untuk inspirasi dan tujuan kreatif semata.

Author note:

   Part 3 datang!!! ini bagian lagu-lagu yang berhubungan dengan Zhongre, jadi silahkan enjoy!! jangan lupa komennya juga 😀

Soundtrack part 3

1. Soyu ft Mad clown – Stupid In Love

Even if your lips curse at me,
that’s not what I mean
Even if your heart throws me
away, that’s not what I mean
Why don’t you know
the meaning of my tears?
I’m not saying we should end it,
I’m asking you to hug me

2. Huh Gak – One Person

I love you
I will be with even your pain
The one person who made
me smile in this hard world
If coming to me is too hard
then just stand there
Because I will go to you

3.Hyunbin – That man

Just how much…how much more do I have to gaze at you alone
This love that came like the wind
This beggar-like love
If I continue this way, will you love me?
Just come a little nearer…a little more
If I take one step closer to you, then you take two steps back
I who love you am next to you now
That man is crying.

4.2PM –  Comeback When You Hear This Song

How far did you go?
Did your heart already turn around?
Your heart that was hurt because of me
Did it harden?

What do I do? After all this time
I am regretting that I let you go
I’m not confident that I can change your mind after making you cry but
Give me one more chance

5. DBSK – Love In The Ice

Like the stars which don’t leave the darkened sky,
Being together forever by the faith of love,
If I could be that person,
I’ll embrace your solid heart with eternal warmth

Even if your heart is in pain, after confronting with reality,
At the end of each tears, there’s a stream of light,
Which will light up the dark, and sink into time

6.B.A.P – What My Heart Tell Me To Do

Did you hurt a lot? Are you really tired?
Did I make things hard for you?
I was only used to receiving love
I think I only knew myself



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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