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Ost. Tale Of Two Siblings [Part 2]

Disclaimer: semua lagu didalam daftar ini bukan milik saya! semua lagu milik perusahaan/ artis yang menyanyikannya!
Saya membuat daftar lagu ini hanya untuk inspirasi dan tujuan kreatif semata.

Author note:

   DUN..DUN..DUN.. seven balik lagi dengan soundtrack part 2! part ini soundtrack khusus buat Hyojin..kecewa banget komennya dikit banget, apakah readers yang lainnya gak baca soundtrack ini ya? kalau kalian baca please komen dong jadi seven semangat buat nyari lagu yang cocok buat karakter lain 🙂

Soundtrack part 2

1. T-ara – Don’t leave

“I loved you too much to forget you – I still wait for you
Our time has stopped – it feels like you’re next to me

Don’t leave, don’t leave me – you only gave me scars in my heart
Don’t leave, don’t make me cry, come back to me

The only person who crazily cherished me in my entire life was you
My love has died in this fragment of separation and it’s pitiful and tortuous
This night is lonely baby don’t know why
As if a flower petal has fallen, your body grows further away
My reflection in the mirror is like a crazy woman
Trembling as if she’s nervous – the great depth of my sadness makes tears flow”

2. Love Sick – Tatiseo

“Give it back to me,
my heart that you took without knowing
Why did you come inside without permission,
without warning and shake me up?
You burn me up and make me cry
I pray every day for the day you will look back to me
Can’t you see me as a woman? Is it already too late?
It was the first time I got to know love”

3. Gummy – Day and Night

“How much more do I have to love for you to know my heart?
How much more time has to pass for you to love me?
Because I always have a lot of tears, because I’m a fool who can’t even speak
My heart hurts
Today feels a bit longer than yesterday”

4.Hyorin [SISTAR] – Crazy Of You

“You drive me crazy
You make me cry
You’re close as if I can catch you
But when I do, you get far away like the wind

Love is what I do alone
Love only leaves tears
A crappy, foolish love”

5. Hyorin [SISTAR] – Closer

“When your lips whisper my name
My stopped heart softly and slowly pounds

When I’m reflected in those brown eyes
I think I’ll fall into them, I think I’ll fall in love
Do you know?

Come to me closer
Come a little closer tonight
So that my heartbeat can reach your ears
Come to me closer
Until my heart falls asleep tonight
Tell me that you love me”



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

Satu tanggapan untuk “Ost. Tale Of Two Siblings [Part 2]

  1. Keren chingu…jarang loh author yang bikin ff yang ada sountrack sma teaser yang kamu bikin daebak…..aq nunggu kelanjutan ff nya nih hehehehe semangatt yah

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