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My Lesbian Girlfriend part 9

Between love and obligation - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image

Title: My Lesbian Girlfriend

Author : Seven94 @ https://indonesiafanfictionarea.wordpress.com/

Cast :

  • Jung Yunho
  • Lee Nara (You)
  • Song Ji eun (Secret girlband)
  • Shim Changmin
  • Kim Hyuna (4minute)

Genre : Romance,sad,angst,little bit comedy


Rating : Teens [16+]

[Yunho POV]

“you’re right,I remember that.”I laugh when Jessica tell me about how we first met.

“I will never forget how you look like when my niece,throw her ice cream to you.”jessice giggling.

“yeah it was my favorite shirt.” I laugh.

“and thank god it was you.”she said,her eye still focused to the han river.

“why?”I asked.

“because if it somebody else I we won’t meet and I never fall in love with you.”she said turning her gaze at me.

“that’s true.” I agree and nodding my head.

“yunho,is there someone else new now?” she asked.

I don’t know how answer that question,I have nara now but not really as a girlfriend.

“no im still single,how about you?” I asked back.

“same.”she replied.

“don’t lie.” I nudge ger arms.

“yeah it’s true,I can’t forget you.”she confessed.

I don’t know how to respond to that onfession she so straightfordward,I do still love her but how about nara?how about the plan we settled?

“yunho..yunho!” Jessica called.

“ah..yes.”I respond her.

“so,do you still love me?”

I look down at my feet,for a moment I want to thinking about it.i mean she’s a great girl she know me and understand me and there’s no doubt that she will stand up to my mom just like the old days.

“are you sure you want to get back with me?” I ask hesitately.

“definitely.”she answered.

“there’s a lot going on right now Jessica,my mom forced me to marry a women right now and..”before I could finish Jessica put her index finger on my lips.

“it’s okay,just let your mom do whatever you want I only need you.”she said,I can feel her hand slightly shaking.

“I can’t do that,it’s not fair for you.”i shriek.

“it’s okay,just stay with me I just..”jessica start to cry.

“are you okay?” I put my hand around her shoulder.

“it’s hurt yunho..”she said pulling me into a hug.

“it’s hurt to lose you,I regret that…. I never let you go no matter what happen.”

I sigh and pulled away from the hug.

“fine,I don’t know what should I do with you.” I smiled and kiss her forehead.

“thank you.”she beamed and hug me again.

[Nara pov]

It’s still 6 in the morning and my handphone can’t stop ringing,I ran from the bathroom and pick up my phone.

“yobuseyo nara imnida.”

“ah..yobuseyo nara it’s mom.”

“ah umma.”I beamed to hear umma voice again,it’s been awhile I didn’t visit her and appa.

“I just want you to know your sister pregnant,you should visit her.”my mom command.

“oh jinja umma?im so glad for her.”I smiled hearing the news about my older sister pregnant.

“you should marry nara,look at your sister she’s pregnant.” My mom scold.

“umma I don’t want to rush thing,just don’t talk to me about marriage.” I pout.

I really hate it when my mom start to pestering me with marriage thing,if only she knew..

“whatever,just remember you not getting younger.”my mom said and hang up on me.

“Aisshh all mom are the same!”I hissed.

“talk to your mom again nara?” ji eun asked and sit on my lap.

“yeah something like that,she said eunni pregnant.”I  stated.

“ah that’s good.”ji eun smiled.

“yeah and because of that my mother pestering me again about marriage.”

I can see ji eun face darkened.

“don’t worry,I don’t have any intention to marry.” I smiled and kiss ji eun cheeks.

Ji eun giggled and kiss me back.

“nice safe.”she said and get up from my lap.

“come on let’s do your make up.”she pulled me and drag me to the vanity infront of me.

“don’t put too much make up,I don’t want to look like a clown!”I whined as ji eun put some foundation on my face.

“aish..don’t worry,you will look beautiful.”she coutinued to put some make up on my face.

I decided just go with the flow and let her do her thing.well im not really know how to put some make up, so I just hope she know what is she doing.

“tadaaa..it’s done.” After a couple minute she finally done.

I open my eye and so shocked when I see my reflection on the vanity mirror.

“is this me?” I asked to myself,still can’t believe what I saw.

“do you like it?”ji eun asked in curiousity.

“yeah I did!”I beamed.

“thank you.” I said smilling ear to ear.

“you’re welcome princess.”she said.

“do you call me princess?”I asked furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

“I did?”she asked back.

“yeah you just did.”I stated.

“omo..maybe because you’re so beautiful like a princess.” She said grinning like an idiot.

“nice safe.”I said sarcastically.

“you better hurry up.you don’t want to late right?” she said get out from bedroom to prepare the breakfast.

[at office]

The moment when I walked in to the office,all eye was on me I can hear another editor whispering.

“who’s that beautiful girl?” I can heard the recepsionist whisper I just smile at them and walk to my desk.

“nara?!” mr.kim eye widened when he see my figure.

“you look so..” his voice trailed off. “feminime.” He continued.”

“just feminime?” I asked raise one of my eyebrows.

“what do you expect?beautiful?” he guessed.

“well pretty enough.” I said sit on my chair.

“you did this in one night?”he asked in disbelief.

“yeah kinda like that.”you answer him flatly and turn on your computer.

“wow,cool.”he said,still no blinking.

“stop straing at me like that oppa.”

I feel so satisfied,I totally win the bet.

“sorry.”he finally take his gaze to another way and start to continued his work.

[yunho POV]

“whoaamm.” Im wake up it’s already morning I didn’t realize,I reach for my alarm clock my eye widened when I see it’s already 8 in the morning.

“gyah..i have to go.” I get up from my bed.

“arghh your so noisy yunho.” Jessica growl and cover herself with the blanket.

“sorry to wake you I have to go to work.” I said running to my bathroom to take a shower.

Jessica sigh and get up from bed,she tied her hair in a mesh bun and heading towards the kitchen.

After I get ready,I can smell something delicious from my kitchen and Jessica appear infront of me wearing my black apron.

“you cooking breakfast?”I asked she nodded and fixing my tie.

“yes,you’re the director it’s okay to be late for breakfast right.”she smiled and kiss my cheeks.

“come on,let have have breakfast.”she pulled my hand.

I can see two plate of pancake on the dining table and two glass of milk,Jessica seat infront of me and smiled I start to eat my pancake it’s so delicious as usual.

“I miss this pancake.” I said.

“you do?”she asked in excitement.

“yeah.”I nod.

“If you want I will cook pancake for you every morning.”Jessica said.

“thank’s.” I pich her cheeks and she laugh.

Yeah I miss this moment,moment when I can smile and laugh with you Jessica.

[Nara POV]

It’s weird,yunho haven’t call me at all.not that im worried or anything it just weird he usually call or text me to ask me about another plan to ruined his arranged married.but today is oddly quiet.

Still wandering where yunho is,I heard my phone ringing.i immediately pick up the phone.

“yobuseyo lee nara imnida.”

“lee nara,im yunho mother.” Hearing yunho mother voice my heart beat a little faster.

“ne,mrs.jung is there anything I can help?” I asked politely.

“can you meet me at the café near your office?”

“sure,mrs.jung what time?”

“right now.” She hang up her voice so cold and firm.

I get up from my seat and grab my bag,I think I should prepare for the worst I know soon or later I will face this devil women.

After a couple minute walk I finally arrive at the café,I look around to find yunho mother figure and finally spotted her in the tabled near the window sipping her coffee.

“annyeoung mrs.jung.”I greet her with a big smile on my face,I feel like a bootlicker now.

“don’t need to pretend to be nice.” Her voice was really cold.

“sit,I don’t have so much time to talk to you.” She command I just nod and sit infront of her.

“is there anything wrong mrs.jung?” I asked,I can feel my heart racing is like it will pop out from my ribs.

“leave my son alone.” Her sentence was short and flat but hurt like knives.

I smiled,knowing that she would say something like this.

“im sorry mrs.jung I love your son so I would never leave him.”I said with a lot determination.

“huh?love?love just isn’t enough for my son.”she snorted. her gaze was full with sarcastic and underestimate.

This women is truly a devil!!

“he’s the only heir in jung family,he should marry someone who equal,what do you have making you so confident that you can satisfied my son.”

Her word really hurt,hurt so much

“I may not rich or successful mrs.jung,but do you know how happy your son with me?do you ever consider how he feel?” I asked,her eye widened,she gritted her teeth when she hear my words I guess I hit the right spot.

“it’s for the best,someone like you would only give a bad influence to him.” She said still remain her composure but I know she start to panicking.

“I know mrs.jung,you want the best for your son but what’s the point, if he doesn’t happy? Yunho is a smart man mrs.jung he know what is right and wrong.”

I can feel mrs.jung glaring at me,but I don’t care im here to make things better for yunho.

“mrs.jung are you doubted yunho?do you underestimate him?” I asked ready for my final blow.

“no,ofcourse not!” she answered and shake her head.

“if you’re not then let him choose his own path,yunho is an adult now mrs.jung if you keep protecting him from the real world he will grow weak.” I said.

She look really surprised hearing what I said,she staring at me but her eye now soften.

“I know how you feel mrs.jung,but you can keep doing this you torture..” before I finish mrs.jung  interuppt me.

“listen,I don’t need your lecture just tell me how much?” she said start to digging her bag searching for something.

I know she will bribe me to leave her son,but im sorry mrs.jung your son already bribe me with clothes,make up and he agree to be my slave.

“like I said mrs.jung I don’t want money,I love your son.”

She gritted her teeth and throw a brown evnvelope to me.

“here’s  I think this money enough for you.” Mrs.jung said.

I pulled the brown envelope to her direction.

“I siad I don’t need it.” I take a glance at my handwatch. “im sorry mrs.jung I have some work to do,i guess we should meet again next time,excuse me.” I get up from my seat and bow to her.

“have a good day.” I said and turn my back leaving her with a satisfied smile.

“aissshhh kid this day!” I can heard mrs.jung crushing from behind.



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