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My Lesbian Girlfriend part 8

The New and The Old - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image

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[3rd person pov]

“you want to change?” ji eun asked,in confusion tone.

“yes,I want to buy the different clothes,you can pick it for  me.”you said in  flat tone,you know this is never gonna be easy.

“what’s wrong with you nara?”she asked,still picking some feminime clothes for you.

“i..i just bored,I want something new.”you lied,pretend to search for some clothes.

“you want something new right?try this!” ji eun pulled out one of the pink dress and showed it to you.

“eww..not pink!”you shake your head.

“why?you said you want something new?”ji eun asked in amused tone.

“well yeah but not pink!” you stated.

“fine,fine.”ji eun nod her head.

After a few hour,you and ji eun finally find some feminime clothes to wear tomorrow,ji eun was really happy when you told her you want to change,she start to pick every clothes you will wear and she insist bought you some make up too.

[yunho POV]

I walk in to a café where Jessica asked me to meet her there,this café is the place where we have our first date so im very familiar to this café.

The café atmosphere it’s still the same always quiet and warm,there’s not a lot of people in there maybe because it’s still working hour.

“yunho..!” I can hear I girl voice calling my name,I turned around only to find jessica smiling and waved her hand to me.

“hi,long time no see.” I greeted her and give her a hug.

“yeah it’s been a long time.”she said and sit back on her chair.

“so how’s your work?” she asked,smile still appeared on her face.

“same old same old…”I answered.

“I see,I guess you should change carreer yunho.”she sugeested,while taking a sip of her coffee.

“huh wae?” I asked,raised my eyebrows.

“you more matched to be a model,not a director.”she said.

“oh really?but im more comfortable to be a director.” I stated.

She nod her head in understanding,and stare at me.

“you haven’t changed at all.”

“you too.”

For a moment there was only silent between us,Jessica still as beautiful as ever her black hair its in a ponyail, her white skin look glowing.

“how’s your mom?” finally she breaks the silence between us.

“my mom?she’s fine.”I answered.

She’s a good women even my mom always say bad things to her she never give up and always smiling to her,among my other girlfriend I guess she’s the one who stay longer.

“is she still hate me?”Jessica asked,she’s smiling but I know her heart is ache.

“not really,she probably already forgot about you.” I said.

“guess so,im she said im not worthy to be your wife I guess she’s right.” I can see tears start to formed on the edge of her eye.

“no,no that’s not true at all Jessica.you’re a beautiful and talentend women everyman would be  lucky have you.”

She giggle,sometime I don’t understand what’s on her mind.

“can’t believe you still fall for that.”

Im just stare at her dumbfounded.

Did she just joking?

“by the way,im here not to talk about your mother.im here because I want to talk about us.” She stated.

“about us?” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“yes.”she noded her head.

“but before that I want we to take a walk at the park.”she standing up from her seat.

“come on,let’s have some fun.” She offer her hand to me.

“okay,do whatever you want.” I smiled and take her hand.

[3rd person POV]

“pheww..my feet so hurt,How long we shop?!”you whined.

“oh come on,nara it’s nothing,I usually take a looong shopping time with my mom.”ji eun take a seat beside me.

“I don’t know how you survive in those heels.”you look at 5cm high hell that ji eun wear.

“I used to it,so no big deal you should start to wear it too.”she beamed.

“no!”you said stare at her in horror.

you so scared to see how sharp the heel is, you can’t imagine how to walk while wearing high heel shoes.

“oh come on,try it!”ji eun took off her high heel and give it to you.

“no,no!”you said,shaking your head.

“just try it nara,please..”she beg,with a puppy dog eye.

How can you resist that?you’re so in love with her,and your weakness was her puppy dog eye.

You sigh and take a glance at the heel.

“fine.”you take the heel and wear it.

“if I fall down and went on coma,you should stay faithfull to me.”you jokingly said.

“ne..ne..”ji eun nod her head and giggling.

At first you hesitate to stand up,but ji eun pulled you to stand up you can barely stand while wearing the high heel.

“wa..i think I will fall in any moment now..” you exclaim,trying to grab ji eun shoulder.

“calm down!”ji eun commanded. “just take a little step,come on.” She pulled your hand.

“okay,okay but hold me okay?”

“yes master.” Ji eun said in mocking tone, making both of you laugh.

You start to take a little step in those hig heel shoes,you almost tripped but ji eun hold you and little by little you walk and sometime ji eun laugh because she think you walk like a robot in those shoes.

“geez nara just walk normaly.”she said still holding her laughter.

“it’s not easy as it seems for me ji eun.”you stated and trying to get you balance.

After awhile you finally can walk on those shoes.

“ji eun look I can walk normaly.”you showed her but unfortunely you tripped and fall on your face.

“yah! Lee nara are you okay?” ji eun run towards you and help you stand.

“aww that’s hurt.”you patted your knee.

“are you hurt anywhere?”she asked,worried look start to showing on her face.

“no im fine I guess tomorrow I can wear this shoes to office.” You smiled and start to walk to the bedroom still wearing ji eun high heel shoes.

“yeah,whatever just don’t sleep while you still wearing my shoes.”she said and followed you to bedroom.



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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