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My Lesbian Girlfriend part 7

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[Changmin POV]

After the party last night im still thinking what relationship she had with lee nara? I mean she look really jealous with she see yunho wrap his hand around nara.

If they’re just friend she never gonna runaway from the party and crying like I see last night.

“something wrong about them…” I mumbled toi myself.

“what is wrong?” yunho suddenly asked me,it turns out he already stand beside me.

“yah!yunho you scared me.” I said patting my chest.

“sorry.” He grinned.

“I just want you to know that im going out for a moment,if my mom called tell her im busy.” He said leaving my desk.

“are you trying to runaway yunho?!” asked.

He just smiled and disappear.

Aish..that guy! Always runaway from his problem..

I decided to continued my work,because I still have a lot of work to do.

After a few hours working on my paper suddenly I can hear my phone vibrated,I pick it up immediately.


“changmin,it’s me ji eun.” The girl voice in other line said.

“oh ji eun,it’s something wrong?” I asked.

“yeah,can we talk for a moment?” she said.

I never thought she would ask that question im a little shock.

“hello…changmin are you still there?” ji eun asked with an irritated voice.

“yes,yes  im still here.” I said.

“so can you?”

“okay I’ll meet in café near my office ok?”

“okay.” Ji eun hang up the phone immediately without saying goodbye.

I put my phone to my pocket and headed to the café near my office to meet ji eun.

[Ji eun POV]

After wait for changmin for a few minute,he finally showed up he smiling at me and sit infront of me.

“so what do you want to talk about?” he asked.

So to the point,can at least he said hi first?

“hello for you too changmin.” I said sarcasticly.

“oh,yeah I forgot..hello ji eun.”he  said,let out an awkward laugh.

“im here to say sorry about last night.” I said take a sip on my coffee that I ordered a minute ago.

“you remember?” he asked with a disbelief tone.

“well yeah..what kind of girl do you think I am?” I asked with an irritated tone.

“it’s okay,your mother keep me company last night.”

“oh,thank god she’s around.” I smiled.

He stared at me for a moment,he seems want to say something but he hold it.

“what is it?” I asked making him jump slightly.

“what?”he asked back.

“you stared at me like that,I bet you want to say something.” I stated.

He rub the back of his neck.

“umm..yes I want to ask something.” He said sheepishly.

“ask me then..”I said,turn my attention to him.

“well,I just curious what’s your relationship with lee nara?”

My eyes widened when I hear his question,well he has the right to know but I can’t say bluntly that she’s my girlfriend and im misunderstood  that thought nara cheating on me.

“we just friend.” i said with a flat tone.

“just friend?”changmin raised his eyebrows.

“what do you expect?” I snapped.

“well you two look like more than friend.”  He said,still staring at me.

“I have to go.” I said trying to distract him.

“what’s the rush?”he asked.

“I need to buy some clothes.” I lied again and walking away from the table,leaving changmin.

[Nara POV]

“where were you last night?!”yunho stroming into your office.

“im sorry,okay?my friend upset,so I have to chase after her .” i explain,still busy with my work.

“you have to be professional next time.”yunho said making you laugh.

“do you think being your fake girlfriend is a job?!”you asked in amusement tone.

“well yeah,I don’t want people get suspicious.”yunho voice trailed off.

“by the way who is she?”yunho asked again.

“well mister I want to know all,you’re my slave now so message my feet I’ll tell you about her later..”my eye still glued to your paper work.

“but i..” before he could finish i cut him off,I don’t want to hear his reasoning.

“NOW!” I  yelled.

“fine,fine…”he pulled the chair beside me and sit infront of me.

He lift one of my feet and place it on his thigh,he start to message it with his thumb.

“ah..great.” I moan in relaxing feeling.

“happy now?”yunho look so irritated.

“aww..don’t be so mean to your master like that,smile!”I command,he look so pissed but he try to keep his composure.

He tried to smile,he’s smile look so forced but still it’s funny to watching him.i love to torture this guy!

“now stop smiling,your smile is ugly.” I said,I can see yunho expression darken,I can feel he’s glaring at me all the time but im too busy to notice that.

“you should change your style…”yunho mumbled.

“why?”i wince in confusion.

“you’re my fake girlfriend now,you should look more feminime.”he said his hand still messaging my feet.

“it’s fake yunho,you should realize that! If I change everything that’s mean I would be your real girlfriend.” I stated.

I don’t know why somehow I can see a disspointment on his face.

“well yeah..but im afraid my mom doesn’t believe us and keep pestering me to marry hyuna.”

There’s a pause between us after yunho said what he think,I hate this awkward moment.

“so what do you want me to do then?” I asked breaking the silence between us.

“just please,look more like a women so my mom would believe we’re together.” Yunho said and drop my feet from his thigh and lift the other one.

“but it’s not easy!”you exclaim.

“I believe, if you try you can.”

Is it okay for me to change?? I mean ji eun would suspicious,but at the same time I already promise him to help ommona ottoke??!

“well I can grow my hair..” I touch my blonde bleached hair.

“but it’s not enough,your outfit it’s really not for a women!” yunho stared at me.

“and what kind of girl would wear this kind of shirt.”he pinched my black T shirt.

“at least wear something bright like maybe..green.”he said.

I sigh in frustasion.

“why are you so demanding about things?!” you asked in frustasion.

“well we made a deal!”he replied.

“yes I know that!but can at least you not making me to change so sudden and just let things go with the flow?!” I stand up from my seat and get out from my office angerly.

“where are you going?!”yunho yelled but I don’t care the only thing I need right now is fresh air.

[Yunho POV]

“oh just great!” I smacked nara desk and sit on her chair.

It’s already so frustrating to have a fake relationship with her,what if it’s real?!

I guess we really not meant to be for each other even for a fake relationship..


I can my phone vibrate in my pocket I immediately reach it.

My eye widened to see the caller ID it was Jessica.

“hello yunho?” when I pick up the phone,I could hear Jessica voice from the other line.

“yes Jessica?”

“yunho..it’s been a long time,how are you?”she asked cheerfully.

“fine,how about you?”I asked back.

“im fine,by the way im in korea right now,can we meet?”



[3rd person POV]

“I hate him.”you kicked mr.kim desk.

“are you Pms –ing or something.”mr.kim turn his gaze towards you.

“no.”you stomped his feet.

“yah!! That’s hurt!!”mr.kim whined.

“oh sorry.”you replied flatly.

“okay,why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?” he asked,and put down his paper work.

“director jung is a jerk.”you stated.

Mr.kim raised his eyebrow.

“you told me that yesterday…”he said in confusion tone.

“yeah I know,but he decided to being a jerk all the time.” You exclaim.

Mr.kim shake his head.

“what wrong with him right now?”

“he forced me to be feminime!can you believe that?!”

You can see mr.kim holding his laughter.

“yah!it’s not funny seriously?!”you yelled but mr.kim laugh.

“hahahaha..it’s…impossible..”he said in between his laugh.

“are you challenging me?”you asked.

“what?no..”mr.kim shake his head.

“yes you are..”you pointed your index finger to his nose.

“so what if I said yes..”he said asked with a mysterious look on his face,you hate it when he do that.

“it’s on oppa,I’ll show you how I can be so feminime!”



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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