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My Lesbian Girlfriend 6

After the fight - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image

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[Nara Pov]

“ji eun..im sorry..” I banging the bedroom door,ji eun locked it she wouldn’t let me in.

“I hate you! go away!” I can hear ji eun yelled.

“please ji eun let me explain!” im begging her,but it’s like it doesn’t work.

I sigh and sit on the floor leaning my head to the door.

“please baby…don’t do this to me..” I knocked the door for the fifth times.

Surprisingly ji eun open the door making me fall backward.

“explain now!” she command and walking to the sofa.

Immediately I follow her and sit beside her.

“so,what are you doing with yunho?!” she asked with an irritated tone.

“ he..he’s my boss.” I answered.

“your boss?he wrap his hand around your waist nara, a boss never do that to his co worker!” ji eun raised her voice making me nervous, I hate confrontation.

“okay,okay I’ll explain it.” I said.

“he begging me to be his fake girlfriend.”

“what?!” ji eun eyes widened.

“yes,and I agree to helping him.”

For a moment there’s a pause between us,ji eun just sit there glaring at me I don’t have any courage to look at her in the eye so I just look down to my feet.

“you sure it’s just fake?” she asked.

I just nod my head.

“yes,it’s just fake there’s nothing between us ji eun ,I love you and I never cheat on you.” I said bluntly.

She’s giggling,Im so relief to see she smiling again.

“oh gosh why are you so blunt.” She said,still smiling.

“well, it’s the truth.” I said sheepishly.

“fine,I forgive you.” She reached my hand.

“but remember,not get to cozy with him.” She hugged me.

“I won’t! don’t worry.” I said,wrapped my hand around her waist.

She pulled away and kiss my forehead.

“promise me.” She offer her pinkie finger.

I laugh when she do that,she still silly afterall this year.

“fine.” I said entwine our pinkie finger.

[Changmin POV]

After the party last night im still thinking what relationship she had with lee nara? I mean she look really jealous with she see yunho wrap his hand around nara.

If they’re just friend she never gonna runaway from the party and crying like I see last night.

“something wrong about them…” I mumbled toi myself.

“what is wrong?” yunho suddenly asked me,it turns out he already stand beside me.

“yah!yunho you scared me.” I said patting my chest.

“sorry.” He grinned.

“I just want you to know that im going out for a moment,if my mom called tell her im busy.” He said leaving my desk.

“are you trying to runaway yunho?!” asked.

He just smiled and disappear.

Aish..that guy! Always runaway from his problem..

I decided to continued my work,because I still have a lot of work to do.

After a few hours working on my paper suddenly I can hear my phone vibrated,I pick it up immediately.


“changmin,it’s me ji eun.” The girl voice in other line said.

“oh ji eun,it’s something wrong?” I asked.

“yeah,can we talk for a moment?” she said.

I never thought she would ask that question im a little shock.

“hello…changmin are you still there?” ji eun asked with an irritated voice.

“yes,yes  im still here.” I said.

“so can you?”

“okay I’ll meet in café near my office ok?”

“okay.” Ji eun hang up the phone immediately without saying goodbye.

I put my phone to my pocket and headed to the café near my office to meet ji eun.

[Ji eun POV]

After wait for changmin for a few minute,he finally showed up he smiling at me and sit infront of me.

“so what do you want to talk about?” he asked.

So to the point,can at least he said hi first?

“hello for you too changmin.” I said sarcasticly.

“oh,yeah I forgot..hello ji eun.”he  said,let out an awkward laugh.

“im here to say sorry about last night.” I said take a sip on my coffee that I ordered a minute ago.

“you remember?” he asked with a disbelief tone.

“well yeah..what kind of girl do you think I am?” I asked with an irritated tone.

“it’s okay,your mother keep me company last night.”

“oh,thank god she’s around.” I smiled.

He stared at me for a moment,he seems want to say something but he hold it.

“what is it?” I asked making him jump slightly.

“what?”he asked back.

“you stared at me like that,I bet you want to say something.” I stated.

He rub the back of his neck.

“umm..yes I want to ask something.” He said sheepishly.

“ask me then..”I said,turn my attention to him.

“well,I just curious what’s your relationship with lee nara?”

My eyes widened when I hear his question,well he has the right to know but I can’t say bluntly that she’s my girlfriend and im misunderstood  that thought nara cheating on me.

“we just friend.” i said with a flat tone.

“just friend?”changmin raised his eyebrows.

“what do you expect?” I snapped.

“well you two look like more than friend.”  He said,still staring at me.

“I have to go.” I said trying to distract him.

“what’s the rush?”he asked.

“I need to buy some clothes.” I lied again and walking away from the table,leaving changmin.



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