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Still [sequel Let’s Meet In Heaven]

Title :  STILL [sequel of  let’s meet in heaven]

Author : Seven94 @ https://indonesiafanfictionarea.wordpress.com/

Cast :

Jung yunho

Shim changmin

Genre : yaoi,romance

Length : oneshoot

Rating : PG

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It’s raining hard outside but jung yunho doesn’t care,he still standing infront of jaejoong grave staring at it with teary eye.

“how could you do this to me jae?” he asked to himself.

He knelt down and touch the tombstone of jaejoong grave,there still a picture of jaejoong smiling infront of the tombstone and a few fresh flower was laying beneath the tombstone.

“are you okay?” a man voice behind yunho startled him,he turn around only to find a tall young man holding  an umbrella.

“im fine.”yunho replied and walk away from the younger man.

“are you sure?”he asked again with a worried tone.

“yes,im sure.”yunho continue to walk leaving the younger man who starring at him for awhile until yunho disappear from his sight.


“yes mr.kwang,ofcourse don’t worry about that.” Yunho busy on the phone talking to all his client after a few minute chat finally yunho hang up the phone.

He sigh and pinch his nose bridge,it’s been a busy week he still have a lot of work he should done it.

He take a glance at the picture on the edge of his desk,he smiling at it for a moment the picture was taken a few years ago when yunho and jaejoong go to vacation at paris he take the  picture closer to him he clearly can see jaejoong smile.

He was so happy back then jump around and making fun of himself and yunho,they holding hand in the public and doing all they can’t do publicly in Korean.

He take a glance at his middle finger there was still a silver ring on it,the silver ring that jaejoong gave to him on their 2 years anniversary.

“I miss you.” Yunho mumbled and put the picture back on the desk.

Yunho open one of the folder in his table,he should prepare for work again.enough with the past and now he should dealing with his future at least he can forget about jaejoong for a moment.


Yunho telephone ringing,he immediately pick up the phone.

“yobuseyo.”he pick up the phone with usual formal tone.

“Mr.jung the CEO of Shim corporation already in the meeting room he said he want to meet you.” Yunho secretary infrom him.

he really not in the mood to talk to anyone right now, but it’s the CEO it’s rude if he doesn’t see him when he already sitting in the meeting room.

“fine,I’ll be there in a minute.”yunho hang up the phone and leaving his office walking toward the meeting room in the lower floor.


Suddenly yunho can hear jaejoong voice calling him,he turn around but he doesn’t find anybody near him.

He shrug it off and walk to the elevator and press the 7 button and the elevator door closed automatically,yunho doesn’t waiting long until the elevator door open again and now he’s in 7 floor he get out from elevator.

He was walking alone in the hallway near the meeting room but strangely his silver ring fell and rolling down,yunho bent down trying to catch it until the ring stop rolling because someone pick it.

Yunho look up to see who’s the person is and his eye grow wider when he see familiar face,he was the guy whom he met in the cementary.

“we met again.”he smiled at yunho.

Yunho just nod ans stare at the man hand asking the man to give back his precious ring.

“oh it’s yours?”he asked and give the ring to yunho.

“thank’s.”yunho said and put the ring on his middle finger again.

“are you married?”changmin asked full of curiousity.

“no.”yunho shake his head.

“by the way im changmin,shim changmin.”he said with a smile on his face and offer yunho his hand.

“im yunho,jung yunho.”he shake changmin hand,changmin eye grew wider when he heard yunho name.

“could you happen to be the ceo of this company?” changmin asked again.

“yes I am and you’re must be the ceo from shim corporation right?” yunho guessed.

“you right.”changmin nod. “wow what a coincidence.”changmin continued.

“let’s get inside and talk.”yunho offer.

“ah,it’s okay why don’t we go to the nearest café and have some casual talk.” Changmin suggested,it’s like he doesn’t like formality.

“alrigt if you said so.” Yunho agree and follow changmin to the elevator.

[at café]

Changmin and yunho sat facing each other,yunho take a sip of his coffe and look away when he find changmin staring at him yunho feel changmin eye’s really intimidating it’s like he’s trying to drill a hole in yunho body.

“what are you looking at?”yunho asked with slightly irritated voice,it’s been more than 10 minutes he staring at yunho.

Changmin blinked a few times,it’s like yunho voice bring him back fom his daydreaming.

“nothing.”he replied and look away,he himself doesn’t realize that all the time he staring at yunho.

“if I may ask,what are you doing in the cementery alone that day?” changmin asked and turn his gaze to yunho who seems doesn’t interested to answer changmin question.

“I just visited.”

Changmin not satisfied by yunho answer so he ask another question.

“so who’s grave are you visiting?”

Yunho rool his eye and sigh.

“im sorry changmin-ssi,I thought we here to talk about business.” Yunho stated.

“I like to know more about my business partner,is that wrong?”

changmin is a smart as usual,always find a way for everything even to get to know someone who doesn’t have any interest in him.

“my bestfriend grave,his name jaejoong.” Yunho finally gave changmin some information.

Changmin smirk and nod his head.

‘so bestfriend huh..’ changmin thought.

“and if may I ask,what are you doing on cementery al by yourself too changmin-ssi?” yunho asked back.

“oh visit my grandma grave that day.”changmin explain and yunho nod in understanding.

Changmin take a glance at yunho silver ring,changmin can’t help but staring at it because it has jaejoong’s name engraved in that ring.changmin have bestfriend too yoochun and they were close like a brother but they never exchanged ring that has each other name engraved on it.

“you know yunho-ssi you and jaejoong really interesting.” Changmin break the ice between them.

Yunho knitted his eyebrow together.

“really why?”

Changmin point at yunho ring.

“you guy’s must be so close.” Changmin guessed.

“yes,we are.” Yunho smiled  happily when he look at the silver ring,he really treasure it so much,changmin even jealous at him,how can someone so happy when they see a ring.

They both end up talking about business after that,they both find each other really interesting even sometime yunho feel uncomfortable because changmin always suddenly staring at him,he know changmin maybe admiring him or something.

Changmin eye,yunho always wonder why is it so cold? Yunho can tell changmin it’s cold person he can tell that this man infront of him is lonely.

It’s already 8 pm they got caught up and forget about they work,yunho just laugh when changmin tell him that they talk too much.

“oh my god,im sorry yunho-ssi I make you forget about your work.”changmin apologize,sorry expression was all over his face.

“it’s okay,it’s nice to talk with you anyway.”yunho smiled.

They both stand up and get out from the café,yunho walk beside changmin that night it’s really cold the wind was blowing so hard,suddenly yunho get something on his eye so he can’t see cleary and stop walking.

“yunho-ssi are you okay?”changmin asked.

Yunho just rubbed his eye until his vision more clearer,yunho take a glance at changmin and gasp to find changmin so extremely beautiful tonight,he find changmin look similar to jaejoong but he immediately throw the thought no one can replace jaejoong in his heart.

“no one can ever take your place in my heart jaejoong.”

Changmin chuckle when he find yunho staring at him dumbfounded.

“yuho-ssi I thougt I was the only one who staring all this time.”

changmin voice bring yunho back from his daydreaming to reality,yunho blink a couple of times and smiled awkwardly.

“sorry.” Yunho said almost a whisper.

They both finally arrive in yunho office,but yunho feel something he don’t want to let go changmin.it’s absurd because they just met and talk a couple hours but yunho already feel something for changmin.

Changmin either,he don’t want to leave yet he want to spend more time and get to know yunho better.

“yunho-ssi.”changing called.

Yunho turn his gaze to changmin.


Changmin look hesitate but he try to gather his courage,it’s now or never.

“I know this is weird but..but can I meet you again?”changmin asked.

Yunho smiled and pat changmin shoulder.

“ofcourse you can meet me whatever  you want.”

Changmin smiled ear to ear.

“thank you.”

“anytime.”yunho said and turn around to go into his office when yunho disappear from his sight changmin jumped around and squeling like a little girl.

He feel so happy,he don’t know why is weird but his happy..Still changmin hope he would get closer to yunho.

[1 month later..]

Yunho pack his stuff to a black suitcase infront of him,he put his clothes and another thing he need for the business trip.

Dingdong dingdong dingdong

His apartement bell constanly ringing making him jump and run to the front door,somehow he knew who will he find standing infront of him.

“hello hyung.” When yunho open the door he find changmin already standing infront of him with a big smile on his face.

“dammit changmin can you stop doing that!” yunho said in irritated voice.

“but if im not press the bell a couple of times you won’t know it was me.” He whined.

“whatever,come in.”yunho command and changmin come in to his apartement.

“woow nice place hyung.”changmin praise.“and the kitchen nice too,can you cook?” he asked.

“I can cook but not now okay,I have to get ready.” Yunho walk to his room and continue packing his stuff.

Changmin sit on yunho sofa and take a glance at the table beside the sofa,there was a picture of yunho and someone.they both look so happy the man beside yunho so beautiful his smile was so bright changmin sure the man beside yunho was jaejoong.

Changmin take the picture frame closer to him,he inspect every feature on jaejoong face doesn’t matter how many time changmin staring at it jaejoong’s beautiful.

When he put the picture frame back suddenly a letter fall from the back of the picture frame,the letter was wrapped in blue envelope on the left side of the letter there was handwriting reads ‘to yunho’ .

Changmin so curious he glanced around and find no one,he slowly open the envelope and read the letter inside it.

Dear yunho.

It’s our 5 years anniversary.

Changmin furrowed his eyebrow.

“anniversary?so yunho dating him?” changmin thought and continue to read the letter.

I don’t realize it! time sure goes fly when im with you. Im sorry yunho I can celebrate it like we used to because im sick.yunho before I leave I want you to know something,please believe me when I say I love you.

Changmin gasp a little when he finally understand what yunho and jaejoong relationship they both sure are a lover now.

Yunho,do you remember a place that you said is heaven?i will probably there now,in heaven our heaven yunho.maybe now no, let me correct that now you must be already forgot about me,it’s okay yunho didn’t I tell you to find someone else already?! Im okay really,it’s hurt but I know it’s the best for you.

Changmin a little bit touch by jaejoong word,how he told him to find someone else he understand how difficult it is for both of them but changmin know yunho still in love with jaejoong.

Today is raining yunho and I know you must be busy right now, I heard the news about your promotion congratulation! I hope you always success im so happy yunho.you must be wondering why I never let you read this letter when im still alive because if you read this now  you will nagging about how I should be optimistic and there’s a lot of hope and miracle bla bla bla..

Changmin chuckle when he read that and continue to read the letter.

As much as you want me to survive I want to survive too yunho,I want to be there with you forever,well you know what they say ‘till death do us part thingy.but it’s like god have another plan He know the best yunho.

And please can you give this letter to someone who replace me?please..

Changmin sigh and stop reading the letter,well he’s not the one that will replace jaejoong in yunho heart,but he willing to if yunho more open to him,yunho always build the wall between them and it’s like he doesn’t have really any interest in him.

Changmin refolded the letter and put it back to the envelope.but when he look up he can see  find yunho standing behind him from the tv screen.

“hyung it not like..”changmin try to explain and turn around afraid that yunho will mad because he read jaejoong letter without he’s permission.

“get out!”yunho yelled he look so furious.

“hyung let explain..”changmin beg but yunho walk towards him and pulled his hand.

“I said get out!”

“hyung!” changmin release yunho tight grip on his hand.

“why are you so angry about?!” changmin asked.

Yunho just stare at him with furious look.

“I know hyung you mad because I read your letter without your permission and im sorry okay?! Im just so curious!it’s your fault,you never said anything about jaejoong to me.”

Changmin confessed yunho seems so shocked,how can he never realize that.

“you don’t understand.”yunho voice was trembeling.

“look hyung,I know you maybe embarrassed but I don’t care about your sexuality I like you and I will be there no matter your straight or gay.”

Yunho look away,he trying to hold his tears.

“hyung look at me.”changmin pulled yunho face to him.

“I like…no I think I love you.”

Yunho eye grew wider when he heard changmin confession.

“I,I never feel so comfortable with someone else before I never felt so happy like when im with you.”changmin hug yunho who still shocked.

“it’s weird I freak out,but I don’t know I can’t help it im so happy when im with you I just want to hug you and make you happy too.” Changmin continued.

Changmin finally stop talking and buried his face on yunho shoulder.

“stupid brat!” yunho finally said something.

Changmin pulled away from their hug.

“mwoya?!” changmin asked compelety confused.

“stupid,it’s embarrassing you know,sometime you just too straight fordward.”

Changmin can see yunho blushing.

“so will you accept my feeling?”changmin asked,he can fell his heart beating so fast he so nervous.

What If yunho say no?

What if yunho hate him?

He can’t lose yunho,not now..

“fine,if you insist do whatever you want.”yunho replied with a flat tone.

Changmin smile ear to ear and bring his face closer yo yuho’s so their forehead touch.

“so can I read the letter until the end?”

Changmin try to tease yunho.

“arghh I hate you!” yunho exclaim and leave changmin who laugh.

Even you still love him still I will be with you

Even you say you hate me still I will in love with you

Even you push me away still I will comeback

No matter what happen still i will love you and stand beside you



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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