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My Lesbian Girlfriend part 5

Liar!! - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image

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[Nara POV]

“what are we doing here??” you asked to yunho who drive you to a salon,he called you in the morning and told you to get ready.

“give you a makeover.” He said pushing you to the salon.

“what a minute!i never said I want a makeover…” I cried.

“but you said you, will be a one damn dazzling fake girlfriend right?” Yunho said dragging me into the recepsionist table.

“good morning sir,may I help you?”the recepsionist ask and smiling.

“yes,can you give her a full makeover?i don’t care how much the price is just change her to a beauty.”

“what the hell yunho?!are you saying that im ugly?” I snaped.

“no,just weird.” He smiled evily and let the recepsionist dragging me into the saloon.

And that was how the story why I got here,getting a manicure and pedicure most of women maybe enjoying this..but not ME! I feel like im in HELL! I hate you jung yunho.

Speaking of the devil he just sat infront of me,reading some man magazine while grinning.I just want smack that handsome face..WHAT??handsome?what am I talking about? i guess all this treatment making me nuts!

“you should be happy,all woman want to be you right now.” He said,making me frown.

“but im not happy okay!”

He just nod his head and continue reading his magazine.

He look so satisfied,seeing me in misery when the make up artist start to putting a make up on my face .

“are you planning all of this to torture  me yunho?” I asked suspiciously.

“I thought you will realize that earlier,you’re so slow.”he said,his eye still reading the magazine.

Before I can said anything the make up artist putting on the lipstick on my lips make me can’t say anything,I can see a pink lipstick on my lips making me shiver.

I don’t like pink!

“um..could you change the lipstick color?” I asked and the make up artist nod and change the color of my lipstick you now it’s red.

Well red is not bad,it’s sexy actually.

“all done..” the make up artist announce making yunho stop reading and take a glance at me.

I can see him staring at me for awhile,turning his attention to me but he doesn’t say anything he just smirk.

i hate his mischievous smirk.

“great you look…” his voice trailed off making me nervous what he wil gonna say??. “normal now.” He continued.

“what normal?that’s all you can say?”I snapped.

“now..now just calmdown young lady,we still have to buy you a dress.” He said and pay for all my treatment.

After he finished he literally dragging me to the nearer boutique.

“choose the dress.” He command.

“yunho you’re my sla..”before I can finish my sentence yunho already blocked my mouth.

“don’t say something like that arrasso?!” he hissed.

“why?” I asked curiously.

“this is my bestfriend boutique!.” He inform me I just nod.

“yunho-ah~” I can hear a girl voice calling him,making him turn around to see his bestfriend already standing behind him.

“tiffany..”he hug the girl.

“yunho-ah what are you doing here?” she asked.

“umh.im here to buy a dress for my girlfriend.” He said.

“omo..since when you have agirlfriend?why didn’t you tell me?” she playfully punch yunho arms and tilt her head to see me who’s standing behind yunho.

“your girlfriend so beautifull yunho-ah.” She praising me making me a little bit blushing.

“yeah,im so lucky to have her.”yunho said wrapping his arm around my waist.

“it’s unnecessary yunho..”I slap his hand.

“just pretend okay?”yunho whisper.

Tiffany just smiling she seems believe that me and yunho is a couple.

“so who’s your name?”she asked.

“Nara,Lee nara.”you introduce yourself with a big smile.

“so what kind of dress do you like?” she asked.

I never buy a dress before,so I don’t know anything about dress.

“anyting new?”I said unsure making tiffany giggle.

“oh you’re so funny,let me choose one for you.”

She start to searching a dress for me until she show me a black dress with a long sleeve.

“how about this?” she asked.

I just nodded my head.

“just try it first.”she said leading me to the changing room.

I quickly change my clothes to the dress and get out from the changing room tiffany and yunho staring at me form my head to my toe and then tiffany shake her head.

“let’s see.. not that one,change another.”tiffany searching for another dress in her boutique and finally found the blue dress and give it to me.

I change my clothes to the dress again and get out,I spin around to show off the dress to yunho and tiffany.

“it’s not good,it’s make you look fat.”tiffany commented,making you pout.

“just let me find another dress for you.” She said.

“arghh…”you groan.

“actually you look beautiful on that dress.” Yunho said.

It’s the first time he complimented me,didn’t expect that coming I just stare at him in confusion.

“what?is something wrong?” he asked.

“finally I found it..”tiffany walk in and give the brown dress.

So I bring the dress and change my dress to the brown one,when I walk out from the changing room there was just silent tiffany just stare at me mouth a jar so yunho he look surprise.

“perfect!” tiffany said.

“beautiful.”yunho mumbled to himself.

I smiled and spin around to see myreflection on the mirror behind me,im so surprise to see myself looking so feminime and beautiful just like yunho said.

“oh my god.”I mumbled to myself .

I don’t recognize myself.

“come on,we gonna be late.” Yunho pay the dress and we walk out from tiffany boutique.

I want to say thank’s to him but im not sure he deserve it or not,I mean he insult me everytime and making me mad but I know deep inside his heart hes a good man.

“thank’s.”I said smiling at him.

He turn his gaze to me and nod.

“yeah your welcome,and remember to be a good girlfriend you gonna be meet my mother now.” He stated.

“mwo?!!yunho you didn’t say we gonna meet your mother!” I shocked.

“just be yourself..oh no don’t just try to act like a women.” He corrected.

“yah! Im a woman!” you yelled.

“yeah but not the true one…” he said making you punch his arm.

“aww..that was hurt.” He whined.

“I take back the thanks.” You said,walking away from him

“eh?why?” he asked and catching up with me.

[Yunho POV]

After drive for 15 minute me and nara finally arrive in the hotel where the party being held,nara start to open the car door but I hold her.

“what?” she asked in irritated tone.

“just don’t messed up okay?”

She smiled.

“don’t worry,I’ll do my best.” She said.

So we both walked to the party,after we arrive we can see a lot of people there I can spot my mom talking to her friend and next to my mom there’s hyuna what a perfect moment so I don’t have to waste my breath to introduce nara to her.

“ah..yunho!”my mom called I smiled ti her and grab nara hand.

“remember pretend we in love.” Nara nod her head.

We walk together I can see hyuna gaze turn to me, I whisper to nara ear again

“and now pretend to smile like I said something funny.” I command.

She smiled and puch my arm playfully,making hyuna look so jealous.

“hello everyone.” I greeted and smile making all my mom friend giggle.

“omo..your son is so handsome Sun hye.” One of my mom friend praised.

“ I know right?he’s so handsome.” My mom smiled.

My mom smile finally fade away after realize there’s a women standing beside me and smiling and hold my hand I can feel nara so nervous because her hand trembeling slightly.

“who is she yunho?”my mom ask with a cold tone.

Hyuna turn her gaze towards Nara I can see she glare at her.

“mom..meet my girlfriend nara.” I introduce her.

“hello nice to meet you mrs.jung im lee nara.”she offer her hand to my mom and smiled.

Instead of shaking nara hands my mom dragging me away from other guest.

“what are you doing yunho?!” she hissed.

“im introducing my girlfriend mom.”I said.

“you will engaged to hyuna,break up with her!” my mom command.

“no mom,I won’t! I love nara.”

“jung yunho!.”my mom snapped.

“im sorry mom but I don’t have time to fight with im sorry I have to go.” I turn around an leave my mom alone.

[Nara POV]

She’s glaring at me..

“so where are you from?” she asked with a cold tone.

“seoul.”I answered.

Hyuna smirk.

“how you two meet?” she asked again making me shock.

I forgot to made up a story abut how yunho and I met.

“eh..umh..” before I can say anything a pair big hand hugging me from behind making me jolt in surprise.

“hi chagiya,what are you talking about.”

It’s turn out yunho who hug me from behind,I can see hyuna glaring at me I sense her hatred toward me.

“we..we just talk about how we meet.”you put the different tone on your voice when you said ‘how we meet’ so yunho get the massage.

“oh..how we meet?it’s been a long time.”yunho pout,I can tell his surprise with the question too.

“yeah how you two met?”hyuna asked again.

“we met when I deliver the manuscript for him.” I said making yunho surprised and just nod.

“yeah she’s so beautiful I immediately fall in love with her.” Yunho smiled and stare at me like im the only thing he sees

Beautiful?you called me weird jerk!

I just faking a smile and pich his cheek.

“omo~your so cute.” I said.

Hyuna just snorted she look so annoyed to see me and yunho.

[Ji eun POV]

“is that Nara?” I look at the women infront of me,she’s wearing a brown dress and lok so beautiful.

Atfirst Im not sure that women is nara,but I can’t stop looking at her she’s so similar to nara.

“what are you staring at?” changmin asked.

“nothing..” I said.

Argh..i guess im stuck with changmin for awhile,he doesn’t trying to make a conversation making this meeting just boring as hell! I don’t really interested in him so Im trying pushed him away.

“I just wondering,your parent have a huge company but why you work in another company?” I asked.

“you finally speak.”he smiled making me rolled my eye.

Yeah whateveter…

“yunho hyung asked me,I can’t say no to him.”he answered.

“I have a same question too,why you become a singer? I mean your family have a succesfull business.”

“I just like to sing and sing is my passion.”I answered.

My eye still focused to the women that I think look a like Nara.

After a few minute my mom comeback and sit next to me.

“ji eun,you should be not embarassing me and bring your boyfriend to a highclass party like this.” My mom said making me wince in confusion.

“what are you talking about mom?”I asked.

“jung yunho bring his girlfriend to the party, everyone already know that he will engaged to hyuna right?”

I nod my head.

“yeah,so?” I try to get more informasion.

“ah..that girl,that girl is yunho girlfriend her name is nara.” My mom pointed to the women who yunho hug.

Hearing nara name my eye widened.

“nara? You mean Lee nara?” I asked again for a sure informasion.

“yeah her name is Lee nara,you know her?” my mom asked.

Yeah I know her she’s my girlfriend mom!

I just nod,she’s my friend.” I said.

My heart feel so hurt,see all this time nara cheat on me with yunho?i just leave her 2 weeks and he alreaduhave someone else who hug her and introduce her to his parent! I should known there’s something wrong with nara.

I get up from my seat angerly.

“where are you going ji eun?” my mom asked.

“I will greet my friend mom.” I said.

I walk toward yunho and nara who still talking to agirl they were all lovey dovey.

“nara so this is where have you been all the time?” I asked to her.

She look surprise and immediately release her hand from yunho arm.

“ji eun i..i can explain.”she said.

“you don’t have to,I understand.” I smiled and walk out from the party I can hear nara chased me and calling my name.

But I ignore her and walk in to the lift crying.

I hate you lee nara! You lie to me..



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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