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Let’s Meet In Heaven [YunJae]

Title :  Let’s meet in Heaven

Author : Seven94 @ https://indonesiafanfictionarea.wordpress.com/

Cast : yunjae

Genre : yaoi,romance,angst

Length : oneshoot

Rating :  PG


Yunho angerly step out from the hospital,they said that they don’t know where jaejoongrunaway.

 how can they let their patient runaway?!what kind of hospital is this hospital?

Yunho thought as he walk to the parking lot but before he can reach the parking lot he can hear his handphone ringing.

Yunho eyes widened when he see the caller Id,it was jaejoong his runaway lover.

“Tell me where are you now!” yunho almost yell to his handphone,he ran to his car and start the engine.

“you don’t have to know.”the other voice in other line said.

“don’t do this to me.”yunho begged as he start drive his car faster.

“this is for the best yunho,you..you don’t have to find me.” The other voice replied,yunho can heard a faint cry.

“listen to me jaejoong,I love you and I’ll be with you until the end.”yunho said reassuring jaejoong.

“I know,but please you don’t have to find me,im alright…”

“how can you be alright?!you almost die!!” yunho finally lose his patience and yelled.

“im alright yunho I really am,im ready to go now.. don’t make me suffer with your cry i don’t want see you sad or cry.”

Yunho can’t help but crying when he heard jaejoong words,it’s true he would cry if he see jaejoong dying,it’s true that he will sad when he know that he will lose his one and only jaejoong that he love for almost 5 years now.

“so yunnie,please smile so at least I can rest in peace.” Jaejoong shaky voice make yunho really worried but he try to smile.

“im..im smiling right now.”yunho said in between his cry.

“good,I can leave in peace now.” Jaejoong chuckle.

“yah!don’t leave yet,tell me where are you now,please..”yunho beg again,he really want to hug jaejoong now,doesn’t matter he stil alive or dead he just want to hug jaejoong body feeling his skin and hair.

“ara..didn’t I tell you I don’t want to see you now.”jaejoong said yunho know jaejoong must be pouting now.

“just give me a hint so I can find you,just like the game that we used to play.” Yunho stated.

“fine,you really are stubborn.” Jaejoong smile.

“im in heaven now.”

Yunho wince in confusion.

“what do you mean?you not dead yet right?”yunho asked in worried tone.

“hahaha no,not yet..”jaejoong laugh.

How he miss jaejoong laugh,he really miss it so much.

“im in a place that hold a memories for us,a place that you said is heaven once we have our date in this place.” Jaejoong give a hint.

Yunho still can’t figure it out where it is,jaejoong and him going on a date in a lot of places such as park,restaurant even beach.

“can you be more specific?”yunho asked,he can hear jaejoong sigh.

“fine,im in a place where you can feel wind blowing so hard and the blue sky look so beautiful above your head.” He continued hoping that yunho can guess where he is.

Just face it,jaejoong scared to dying alone but he don’t want to make his lover crying over his dead body.

“are you in a hill now?”yunho asked still doubt with his guess.

“find me there.”jaejoong hang up the phone,so yunho guessed that he got the answer.

Jaejoong lying on the green grass his eyes was focused o the blue sky above his head,he was smiling to see the cloud,today the clound was exteremely beautiful he can find a lot different shape such as heart and elephant.

“I wish you really here yunnie…”jaejoong unconsciously mumbled to himself.

The wind was blowing really slow today how unusual,jaejoong feel his gaze getting blurry he feel so dizzy his body feels cold so he tighten the jacket around his body.

His face was really pale,his eye that usually shine and beautiful now is red because of the crying,his red lips now gone turn into a dry one.

He can feel his eye getting heavy,he just want to shut his eye but he afraid,afraid that he might not able to open his eye anymore.

Suddenly his chest feel so hurt,he squirm holding the pain,he clucthed his chest jaejoong breath getting heavy,he can’t breath he try to calm and endure the pain.

“please let me live for a few minute more…” he beg in his thought,it’s too painfull for him to say a word.

He gritted his teeth trying to endure the pain,he fight this pain for 2 years he get used to it now,but this pain that he feels right now it’s more hurt that any other pain he feel.

“Jaejoong!”he can hear yunho voice,jaejoong smile.

“he finally came..”

“jaejoong,are you okay?”yunho run towards jaejoong.

“yunho,you came.”jaejoong said trying to smile but he can feel the pain in his chest grew more and more hurts for him to endure.

“let’s go to the hospital.”yunho pick up jaejoong body.

“no,it’s okay.”jaejoong refuse.

“let’s just stay here.”jaejoong said weakly almost like a whisper.

“no,your chest hurt again right?”yunho asked,he can feel his heart beating so fast he don’t want to lose him now,not yet.

“it’s okay yunho please,soon or later you know this is would happen.”

Yunho can see tears forming in the edge of jaejoong beautiful black eye.

“but it’s hurt right?please don’t be like this let’s go to hospital.”yunho insist to bring jaejoong to the hospital.

“it’s useless yunho,just sit here next to me I’ll be fine.”jaejoong pull yunho body and he lay his head on yunho chest.

Yunho sigh in defeat his lover just so stubborn,he wrapped his hand around jaejoong shoulder and kiss the top of jaejoong head.

“I love you jaejoong,please fight this diseases for me.”yunho hug jaejoong shoulder tight when he feel jaejoong body shiver.

“I fight it for you yunho,that’s why I survive until now.”jaejoong smiled to yunho chest,feeling yunho warmth.

“I know,you fight so long and imp round of you.”yunho stated and kiss jaejoong forehead.

Jaejoong interwine his finger with yunho,he stare at it for a moment.he so amazed how can his hand and yunho hand so perfectly matched.

“I love your hand yunho.”jaejoong said with a faint chuckle,yunho know jaejoong holding a great pain right now.

“you did?”yunho asked in disbelief tone.

“yeah i do,and I love you too.”jaejoong continued.

“Thank’s.” that’s all yunho can said,he’s too sad to smile he really want to burst out crying rightnow,he can bear it to see how his lover suffer.

“arghh..”jaejoong groan and clutched his chest again.

“are you okay?”yunho touch jaejoong chest.

“umm just stay like this.”jaejoong place his hand on top of yunho hand,yunho can feel jaejoong heartbeart so slow.

He know jaejoong suffer now, Yunho could see the sweat dripping from jaejoong forehead,he holding the pain too long.

Now he know why jaejoong want to end his life, now he know the reason why jaejoong criying everynight the reason is this great pain that jaejoong feel now.

“jae..”yunho call he’s eye met with him.

“emph?”jaejoong asked.

“I’ll let you go.”yunho said,he try to hold his tears.

Jaejoong smile,yunho never see things as beautiful as jaejoong smile right now.

“thank you.”he said bring his face closer to yunho,jaejong kiss yunho lips slowly yunho pulled jaejoong boddy closer to him deepened the kiss.

As they lips touch yunhorealize, that this kiss can be the last kiss that he would receive from jaejoong,jaejoong lips was trembeling.

Unconsciously yunho cry,his tears dripped into jaejoong cheeks as jaejoong stop kiss him,yunho slowly pulled away from they kiss,he can feel jaejoong body become cold.

“jaejoong..jaejoong..”yunho called but jaejoong doesn’t answer him,yunho touch jaejoong chest and his heartbeat has stopped.

Jaejoong leave him alone in this heavens that they both know.

“JAEJOONG!! Don’t leave me please!!”yunho shake jaejoong body over and over again hugging he’s body tightly.

“I love you jaejoong,please.”yunho pulled jaejoong body closer to him.

“I love you.”yunho whispered to jaejoong ear and kiss him for the last time,before he diald hospital number.

Please rest in peace

Even if it hurts to lose you

I know this is the best for you

I don’t want you to cry or sad

So I’ll let you go.



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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