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Unborn chapter 2



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[The next day.]

You slowly open your eyes,the sunlight shining through from your windows you wake up from your sleep and take a glance to the other side of your bed.

There was woohyun,sleeping soundly his hand still wrapped around your waist you smiled and stroke his cheeks making him grunt and hold your waist tighter.

“chagi im still sleepy,just sleep for another minute.”he said,eye still closed.

“no woohyun,you have to wake up,or you gonna be late for your practice.”you said whispering to his ear.

“urgh fine…”he groan and forcedly get up.

“good morning my lazy and handsome husband~~”you sang and cupped his face.

“yah you call me lazy?!” he asked faking an anger expression.

“no,you just misheard.” You lied.

“whatever,I forgive you this time.”he kiss your lips and get up to get ready.

As usual after you get ready you both have a breakfast,woohyun busy with his pancake that you cook for him and you read a newspaper while drinking coffee.

“chagi you pregnant now,you should stop drink coffee.” He said you take down your newspaper and flip it.

“ I know I’ll stop drinking it tomorrow.”you said and eating your breakfast.

“I have a lot show schedule today,so Im gonna be late.”woohyun stated.

“I see.”you nod in understanding you already used to it to be alone in this big house that woohyun bought for you.

“ah it’s already 8 im gonna be late,see you tonight chagi.”woohyun get up from his seat and kiss your lips.

“becareful!”you exclaim as woohyun ran to the door in hurry.

[At the university]

After a couple hour of teaching you finally done with your works,you decided to have a lunch with your bestfriend and sunbaenim at the café near the university.

After a great lunch you three caught up in a good conversation until you lost track of time,you didn’t care because you know woohyun will be home late, you don’t want to spend your time alone in a big house.

“omo.. you pregnant?” your senior mrs.kim asked.

“yes,sunbaenim im pregnant.” You nod your head.

“congratulations,so you finally decided to have a children?” she asked.

“ne,it’s unexpected actually.”you said with a smile.

“so you cancel the divorce?” your bestfriend eun young join the the conversation.

“ne.”you replied.

“it’s good for you,you shouldn’t be want divorce at the first place.” Mrs.kim added.

“yeah you guys really meant for each other.” Eun young said.

“I don’t know…I mean im tired with this relationship and I don’t know if he can be a good father.”you said hestating.

“you should believe him more ______-ah,man can change when he become a father.” Mrs.kim stated and put her hand on top of you.

“just be patient,it’s the best for you two.”she continued.

You always grateful to have eun young and kim sunbaenim beside you,they always here and support you  but there is one person who missing from this conversation.

“good morning..” you can heard a manly voice greeted you.

“howon!”your face lit up as you can see howon figure walking toward you.

“so what are you girls talking about?”he asked curiously and take a seat beside you.

“ah nothing howon-ssi,by the way why are you here?shouldn’t you be in a photoshoot or something?” eun young asked.

“im free today eun young-ssi, so I decided to pick up this little princess.”he said and ruffle your hair.

“yah! Howon you messed up my hair!”you smacked howon arms.

“sometime I wonder how old are you both?” mrs.kim rolled her eye.

“are you jealous  kim sunbaenim?you’re a big fan of howon-ssi right?”eun young asked with a playful tone.

“what?who’s said that?” you can see mrs.kim panicked she just got busted.

“just admit it sunbaenim.”you teaser her.

“aniya..sorry howon-ssi you’re handsome and talented but hyunbin still my number one.”she stated making you and eun young laugh.

“aww I dispointed.”howon said faking a hurt expression.

“it’s okay you still have another fans here..”eun young pointed at you.

“what?okay fine whatever.” You said.

“that’s my girl.”he smiled.

You take a glance at your handwatch and gasp it’s already night.

“howon we should go home now,it’s already late.”

Howon nod his head,howon and you say goodbye to your bestfriends and  get out from the café.

“you never told me everything you talk with them,are you don’t thrust me?” he suddenly asked when you both in the already in the car.

“it’s not that,it’s just..really complicated.”

“how complicated?you can tell me everything you know,I won’t interfere.” Howon said taking a glance at you.

You bit your bottom lips,you unsure whether to tell him about you being pregnant and woohyun or not.

“well,i..i im pregnant.”you said almost a whisper,but howon can hear you clearly.

“what?!” he look shocked.

“congratulation!”he beamed.

“thank’s.”you replied wit a flat tone.

“you look down,shouldn’t you be happy?”howon asked.

“that’s the problem..”you mumbled.

“you don’t want to get pregnant?” he guessing.

“no,no that’s not it,it’s about woohyun.”

You can see howon confused.

“im not sure he will be a good father,I mean he always busy and..”your voice trailed off.

“and you want a divorce?”howon continued your sentence.

“how’d you know?!”you asked in surprise.

“I know you too well ______” he said and stop the car engine,you  both already arrive infront of your house.

“let me tell you ____ you know it’s gonna be difficult to raise your baby on your own,and I have a confident woohyun will change believe me.”

“but I just..”

Howon put his index finger on your lips.

“I’ll be here don’t worry you can call me anytime when woohyun isn’t around.” He said giving you a big smile that can always make you feel safe and calm.

“thank you howon.”you give him a hug.

“I don’t know what I will do without you.”you said and pulled away.

“I guess it’s time for me to go home.”you said opening the car door and get out from howon car.

“thanke’s for the ride.”you smiled.

“you’re welcome,you should buy me lunch next time.”howon said jokingly.

“hahaha I will.”you said.

Howon start the engine and not long after that his car already leaving infront of your house,feeling tired you turn your back  to your home.


You can heard a sound of high heel shoes against the pavement in your neighborhood.

You look around to see who’s the person is you only find a beautiful lady standing a few centimeters from you.

She has a long brwon hair and white skin,she wears a white sundress she looking at you with her big brown eye.

You decided to ignore her,and go into your house locking your front gate and front door,after you arrive in the house you turn on all the light you can tell that woohyun haven’t go home yet.You feel thristy and go to the kitchen you take a water from your refrigerator you’re too tired to take a glance at your water and just pour the water to your glass.

As you drink the water you feel something different from the water and you can smell the stench ofblood.

Your eye widened when you look at the glass that full with blood you throw the glass and scream.

“hahahaha..”you can hear a women voice laugh,making you shiver.

“who’s there?!”you yelled,but no one answering you.

You take a glance at the glass shatter and start to pick it up one by one by your hands.


You heard a door being opened,you immediatelty throw the glass to the trash bin and go to the front door to as you remmered you already locked the door so maybe is woohyun who came home.

“chagi im so glad..”your voice trailed off when you see no one in the front door.

The front door was still locked and closed you sigh and go to your bedroom changing your clothes to your pajamas.

“hahaha..hahaa..”  another laughter you canheard it again,you decided to follow the laughter voice.

You open your window bedroom only to find the girl from earlier standing infront of your house.

“maybe she need something..” you thought and walk to the front door.

You ran to the front of your house,searching for the women from earlier but when yiu get there no one standing there you glance to your right and left still doesn’t find the women.

You frown because you can’t find her and back to into your house,but when you get back you shocked to see a trail of bare feet on your floor.

“woohyun?!”you called but no one replied you.

“honey..are you here?”you asked again.

You start to feel scared,this so unusual.

You follow the trail slowly,turns out the trail is heading to your bathroom .you walk slowly to the bathroom you could hear the shower being turn on,hesitated you grab the bathroom door knob you still can hear the water dripping against the bathroom floor you count to three and open the bathroom.

And again you don’t find anyone in the bathroom and the shower already turned off,you walk to the shower and surprisingly the floor still dry there’s no trace of water at all.

“what the hell?!”you crushed and go out from your bedroom.

When you walked out from your bathroom you can see a women with a brown hair sit on the sofa facing the television.

“excuse me who are you?”you asked to the women.

But the person didn’t replied and you take a step closer to the women.

“excuse me..”you said louder hoping the women turn around and answered your question.

You tap her shoulder and finally she turn around to show her scarry face,she has blood all over her face with a big scar on the lef and right cheeks her skin look like rooting and you can see maggot came out from her cheeks.

“arghhh..”you scream and stumbled back your body shivers you almost cant stand.

“give me back my woohyun..”

She said take a closer step to you,you crawl to get away from her but your body become limb you can move your feet or hand.

“you and the baby should die..”

“no!no! get away from me!”you scream but the women try to grab your stomach with her clawed hands.

“no don’t hurt the baby!”you plead trying to cover your stomach with your hands,the women getting closer and closer to your stomach until you closed your eye.


You can heard a door being force open,you immediately open your eye only to find woohyun standing infront of you.

“chagi are you okay?!”he asked.

“woohyun..”you cried and hug him and feel relief.

“you’re shaking chagi,what happening?” he asked you again and pulled away from the hug.

He wiped your tears with his thumb.

“theres’s..theres’s a woman she try to hurt me.”you explain.

Suddenly his face darkened.

“it’s okay chagi,im here with you don’t worry.”he said as he wrapped his hand around your shoulder.

“im so scared woohyun..”you said still shaking.

“shut..shut everything alright now.” He rub your back and kiss the top of your head.



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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