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Unborn chapter 1

As a beginning
This morning you decided to go to the doctor,you’ve been feeling ill for a couple days now. even your husband nam woohyun start to worried.you tell him you were okay but he insist to take you to the doctor.

“you really pale chagi.”he said while interwine your finger and him together.

“ah jinja?”you asked.

“ne,you should eat more.”he suggested.

“yeah I think so.”you agreed with him.

For a couple of minute you both finally arrived at the hospital and register for an examine.

The doctor was really nice to you,she examine your body carefully and asked some question about your health.

After she done to examine you she lead you to her office a long with your husband.

“I think you’re pregnant mrs.nam.”the doctor announced.

“are you sure doctor?”woohyun eyes widened as he heard what the doctor said.

“yes,im sure she’s pregnant mr.nam,congratulations.” The doctor beamed.

Woohyun quickly hug me and you just smiled happily,after that you both excused to leave and go home.

“oh my god chagi,Im so surprised.” Woohyun beamed and kiss your cheeks.

“woohyun,stop kissing me!”you pull away his face from yours.

“wae?you don’t want my kiss?”he asked faking a hurt expression.

You laugh at his childish action.

“you gonna be a father now,you should more mature.” You said.

“ay ay captain.” Then again he show another childish act.

You and woohyun already married for 3 years your relationship with him have a up and down you fight with him a couple times even you planning to get a divorced,but with this baby coming everything a lot better now.

After a few minute walking together you can heard his phone ringing,he immediately pick the phone you don’t know why but after he heard the caller voice he release his hand from you and take a few step away from you.

You look at him with puzzled look,he seems trying to hide something from you because everytime you take a glance at him he never dare to look back at you.

Eventually he hang up the phone and walk toward you with a big smile.

“who called you?”you asked.

“no one.” He replied.

You have no interest to investigate him so you just continued on walking toward your house that doesn’t too far from the hospital.

You can see from the corner of your eye everybody whispered,you get used to it already even back when you date him. you already know that whisper and stare from a lot people you can blame them your husband is a celebrity.

Woohyun open the gate of your house for you,you smiled at his cute act and kiss him lightly on the his cheeks making him let out a chuckle.

“ah..im gonna be father.”he sang and drop his body on the couch.

“are you that happy?”you asked and join him on the sofa.

“of course I am.” He said.

“I think we should call you parent and my parent.”he suggested and reach the phone from the coffee table beside the sofa.

“yobuseyo..”you can hear woohyun mother voice on the other line.

“umma,I have a great news for you.” Woohyun said excitedly.

“aigoo what is it?why are you so excited?” his mom curious,she never heard her son this excited.

“im pregnant!!”you announced loudly to the phone.

“ah is that ____-ah ??”woohyun mom asked.

“ne umma it’s me.”you replied.

“omo..congratulations!! I can’t wait to tell your father woohyun.” Woohyun mom beamed and you both laugh.

“then go tell appa,we will tell ____-ah parent.” Woohyun say goodbye to his mother and then dialed your parent number.

“you should tell the news.”woohyun give the phone to you.

“_____ what wrong?” you can heard you mom voice on the other line.

“umma,how are you?” you asked.

“fine sweetie,how about you and woohyun?”

“we’re fine.”you replied.

“I have a great news for you umma.”

“ah what is it?” your mom voiced change into a curious tone.

“im pregnant.”you announced.

“oh jinja??”your mom surprised.

“oh that’s good congratulation sweetie.” You smiled to the phone.

“can I talk to woohyun?”your mom continued,you nod and give the phone to woohyun.

“ne,umma what’s wrong?”woohyun asked.

“woohyun-ah,it’s good that _____ pregnant im really happy.”you mom said,but there something wrong with her voice tone woohyun can tell that your mom anxious.

“umma don’t worry,I will take car of her really well.”woohyun said smiling and ruffle your hair.

“yah woohyun!”you smacked his hand.

“I know that,you will.”your mom voice trailed off.

“just please take of her really well she has a weak body.” Your mom stated.

“ne umma,don’t worry.”woohyun said reassuring her.

“Thank you woohyun-ah,please stay by her side as much as you can.”

“ne umma I got it.”woohyun stated.

“okay then I guess that’s all I can’t wait to tell the whole family.”your mom voice change to a cheerfull one.

“yeah umma don’t forget to tell nara as well.”woohyun noted.

“how can I forget to tell her little sister woohyun!”your mom stated.

“well just in case umma.”he let out a chuckle.

Woohyun hang up and put the phone back to it’s place.

“so everybody know now.”woohyun hug your body and pat your stomach.

“yeah,can you think of any baby name?”you asked and put your hand on top of woohyun hand.

“no,we will figure it out soon.”he smiled.

“I still can’t believe this..”you mumbled.

“I know right?it’s a dream,a good dream.”



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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