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Unborn [Horror]

hello reader (^__^)/
so i decided to make another horror story kekeke ….
this story contains angsty and horror
so prepare for the ghost!!
first i want to introduce the character first:

You= Nam ________

About: You’re a simple and open minded person,you modest and humble you work as a model and lecturer in seoul unversity

you married to woohyun for 3 years,you love to spend time with your family but sometime you hate it too

because they will start to teasing you about woohyun.a lot people thought that you and woohyun is a perfect couple

but the thruth is not,you have a difficult time with him you fight with him a couple of times you planning on getting a divorce but something hold you from getting divorced.

Date of birth: 17 june

age: 25

profession: model and lecturer

personality: simple,outgoing,modest

Family: mother,father and younger sister [lee nara]

Nam woohyun

About:   greasy,that what people or his fans think of him he can act cute  and childish, sometime you love it

but you can get annoyed when he do it too much,he can’t get serious so you have to make him.

woohyun married to you for 3 years he’s happy with you but he feel something missing in your relationship

he always feel sad when you two fight but he always endure it, because he know he can’t leave without you

no matter how difficult it is

because he know you’re the only one that he want.

Date of birth: 8 february

Age: 27

Profession: celebrity [member of boyband infinite]

Personality: outgoing,playful and slightly childish

Family: father,mother and older brother

Lee Howon

About: howon is your bestfriend he work in the same agency as you,you spend a lot time with him sharing everything

             you get a long with him really well he’s an assertive and mature man.that’s why you love to hang out with him

             he always ready to help you when woohyun away with his work he admired you and think of you as his little sister.

Date of birth: 28 march

Age: 27

Personality: assertive,mature and kind

family: father and mother

Lee Nara [from my lesbian girlfriend]

About: your little sister,she’s a tomboy you and her often fight but really love each other

she get along with woohyun and woohyun always teasing her until she’s mad

you love your sister but sometime she can get really annoying especially when

she start to scold you like your mother.

Date of birth: 30 august

Age: 23

personality: kind,cold and easily get irritated

Family: father,mother and older sister [you]


About: the unknown girl everything about her is  mysterious her background would be detailed in the story

Date of birth: unknown…

Age: 24

Personality : mysterious…

family: orphan raised in orphanage



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

4 tanggapan untuk “Unborn [Horror]

  1. Waahh…. Maaf bru sempat berkunjung 🙂
    Sepertinya ff ini menarik, Aku tunggu buat next chap atau udah Ada?? -___-

    Tp Aku mau bca yg ‘my lesbian girlfriend’ dulu deh. Dri jdulny aja udh bikin merinding. Tp it bkn NCkan? *muka polos

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