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My Lesbian Girlfriend

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[Nara POV]


I just can’t stop giggling,oh my god is he actually want to hang out with me? Director jung is really weird is that how he try to apologize? So weird.

After a long walk with jungho I finally reached my aparterment ,jungho mom thanked me and gave me some of her delicious meal so I don’t need to cook tonight.

“Naraaa!” I can heard a lound voice come closer to me and it’s turn out my girlfriend voice,ji eun.

“ji eun? You already back?”

“yes,my manager taking me home.” She said,wrapping her hand around my neck and give a peck on my lips.

“it’s nice to see you again.” I smiled give her another kiss on her lips but this time longer.

She hug me so tight,I can smell her parfume she never change her parfume.

“so how’s your trip?” I ask lead her to the couch.

“it’s boring without you.” She pouts.

“aigo..shouldn’t you be happy?you’re the one who always want to go to new York.” I pinch her nose make her giggle.

“but I want to go with you,not with the girls.”she said still pouting.

“well maybe we can if we have a free time.”

Ji eun rest her head in my shoulder and hold my hands really tight.

“Nara do you love me?” she asked,I can hear her voice shaking.

“ofcourse I do,why did you suddenly ask about that?”

Ji eun doesn’t reply she look sad.

“what’s wrong ?”I asked.

She stand up and smiled,her smiled look so fake for me.

“nothing,I have something for you come on.” Ji eun pull my hand.

We walked towards the bedroom.



[Yunho POV]

“so,tell me who’s that girl?” my mom asked her eye glared at me.

“her name is nara mom ,she’s my girlfriend.” I answered.

“didn’t I tell you to marry hyuna?why are you so stubborn!” my mom yelled.

“im sorry mom but this is my life you can’t always control me im a grown up man,and I don’t like hyuna.” I said make her stand up from her seat.

“listen young man,im your mother I want the best for you.”she stated.

“I know mom,but I don’t like her if you want the best for me let me choose my own wife.”

I stand up as well and leave my mom room.

“jung yunho!” my mom called,I ignore her and slam my bedroom door.

“screw her!”I throw myself into my bed.

Oh.right I remember I should call nara,maybe we can arrange some plan to make my mom stop setting me up with random girl that I don’t even like!

I search my handpnone in my pocket,I start to dial mr.kim number.

“yobuseo..”I can hear a middle aged man voice in other line.

“ah yobuseo mr.kim it’s me yunho.”

“oh yunho-ssi..did you need something?”he asked.

“yes,actually I need lee nara phone number.”

[Nara POV]

Ji eun lay in my bed,she taking a nap after a long flight she look so tired so I told her to sleep i wrap my hand around her shoulder.

It’s so quiet the only sound I can hear is the sound of ji eun breath,I brushed her hair ocassionaly and kiss her forehead.


I can hear my phone vibrate in my bedside table,I reach it and find unknown caller id with a heavy sigh I pick up the phone.


“yobuseyo.”I can hear a man voice in the other line immediately I sit up and get out from my bedroom shut the door close.

“ah,director jung so you really call me.” I smiled.

“yeah,Actually i have something that I want to talk about.” Yunho sound so serious.

“okay,what do you want to talk about?” I asked.

“just meet me in the park where you and I meet I’ll be there in 15 minute.” He said.

“okay..” I agreed and hang up.

“who’s director jung?” I found ji eun stand behind me leaning her shoulder on the door frame.

She’s such a light sleeper she must be wake up when she heard the my phone vibrate.

“he’s my boss.” I answer.

“what did he want?” ji eun squint her eye.

“why do you ask?” I stare at her.

“well, I want to know what my girlfriend been up to.” She stated.

“he just want to talk,maybe about business.” I said ruffling her hair and walk to my closet to change.

“are you sure?you soud so happy when he called you.” She followed me to the closet.

“oh come on ji eun don’t tell me you’re jealous.” I groan.

“im not!.” She retort.

After I finish change,I walk to her and kiss her lips.

“don’t worry okay?im in love with you there’s no way something going on between me and director jung.”

She sigh.

“you don’t believe me?” I asked.

“no,I believe you.”she smiled and kissed me.

“it won’t take long,just wait okay?”

I walk towards the door and waved at ji eun for the last time and closed the door.

Aish..it’s so cold here, I start to rubbing my hands to my arms sitting here alone in a bench in the middle of the dark.

He said he will be here in 10 minute,where is he now?!

After 15 minute wait finally I can see the tall man that I recognize as yunho.

“nara,im sorry I made you wait.” He smiled and sit beside me.

“it’s okay.” I said trying to smile.

“so what do you want to talk about?” I asked,my hands start to trembeling because the cold.

“it’s about the girlfriend thing…” he mumbled.

“yeah,so?” I looking at him with puzzled eye.

“at first i..i want to apologize.” He said,he look too nervous if he just want to apologize.

“but that’s not all.”he continued.

“okay.”I said waiting him to continued.

“I want you to be my girlfriend.” He stated,he look so serious his almond eye shaped looking at me without blinking.

“what?!” I wince in shock.

“I mean..i want you to be my ‘fake’ girlfriend.” He corrected.

“why?” I asked still in shock.

“my mom,she always setting me up with randon girl that I don’t even like. I just want her to stop.”

For a moment I thinking about it,I know it’s suck to have a mother like that.

“so what’d you say?” he asked.

“but why me?i mean im a tomboy,im not a lady at all.”

Yunho shrug.

“ I know you’re weird,youre not even my type.” He sigh.

I open my mouth in shock, I just want to hit him in the face with my shoes right now.

“do you want me to slap you again yunho-ssi?”

“no,okay im sorry im just telling the truth.” He stated and rug the back of his neck.

“well if you want a ‘fake’ girlfriend,find another girl.” I stand up from my seat but yunho grab my wrist.

“wait! Okay,im sorry I just..i don’t know what to do.” His look so sad when he said that.

“if you want me to be your ‘fake’ girlfriend you should stop insulted me.” I sat back in anger.

“fine.” He noded his head.

“so what the advantage for me to help you out?” I asked,ofcourse I want something! Just be realistic.

“you want money?” he asked,but I shake my head.

“no,I have enough money.”

“so what do you want?” he groan.

For a moment I thinking to myself,I should find something evil I want my revenge!

“yah!answer me!” he command.

Oh right,his a bossy type he must be really hate it if he being ordered around.

Yes! I should make him my slave!

“I think…you should be my slave.” I said with a big grin on my face.

“mwo?!”he stare at me in horror.

“well it’s your decision..” I start to stand up from my seat slowly and finally he pulled me back.

“fine! Do whatever you want, but you should be a one damn dazzling fake girlfriend.”

I just nod my head and smile.

“you don’t have to worry about that.”



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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