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My Lesbian Girlfriend part 3

The dark past - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image


[Yunho POV]

“yunho you’re a boy you shouldn’t cry.”

“yunho you’re a boy,you’re shouldn’t be eating sweet.”

                                 “yunho you’re the only son of jung family be a director like your father”

“yunho you should marry a fine young woman like hyuna,forget about your girlfriends”


I quickly wake up from my nightmare,I think im fall asleep after finishing reading the manuscript.

“director,are you okay?” I can hear changmin voice,it turns out he’s already stand beside me holding a glass of water.

“im fine.” I said pinch my nose bridge.

“here’s water,I hope it’s help you more relax.” Changmin put the glass in my desk.

“ah…thank’s” I said,drinking the water that changmin bring.

“no problem.”he said.

“what are you doing in my office?” I ask.

“well,im just organizing some file.” He said,while checking out my bookshelf.

“oh yeah and I want to ask you something.”

Changmin turn around and looking at me with hissuspicious gaze.

“what did you do to miss lee? She’s look upset when she leave the office.”

I sigh.

“well i…i told her to pretend to be my girlfriend.”
I can see changmin eye widened.

“what?!did you kiss her?”

I don’t say anything but I noded my head.

“why?!why did you do that?!” changmin facepalming.

“im sorry okay?i just want to push hyuna away! You know I hate her.” I try to defend myself.

Changmin shake his head and stop arraging some file.

“you better call your mom.” He said I swear I can see his mismatched lips,it’s the sign that he upset.

“fuck that! Im going home.” I said get up from my seat, and get out from my office.

I really need my alone time

“kyaaa.” A little kid scream when i arrived to the nearby park,I guess he sliped and fell to the ground and start crying.

“omo..are you alright?” I said help him to stand up.

“ajusshi,I can’t find my mom.” he still crying,I can see blood in his knee.

“ah,you’re hurt,let me treat that first and we can find your mom.”

The little boy nod and sit on the bench near us.

I ran to the near store to buy a medicine and some bandage for him,but when I get back a woman sit beside him and talk with him and the little boy was smile at her.

“excuse me,are you his mother?” I ask,the woman turn around.

“director jung?!” that woman look surprise,it turns out that woman was miss lee.

“miss lee?what are you doing here?” I asked her.

“im on my way to my apartement,what are you doing here?” miss lee looking at me with her puzzled eye.

“well,im just take a walk,is he your child?”

She laugh and shake her head.

“no,no i know him.he’s my neighborhood son, right jungho?” the little boy nod his head and smile.

“oh I see,lucky him to meet you here.” I smiled.

For a few minutes there’s silent between us, until miss lee break the silence with her sigh.

“I guess,I have to deliver this cutie back to his parent.” Miss lee hold jungho hand.

“wait!” I pulled miss lee wrist make her turn around.

“yeah director?” miss lee,smiled.

For a moment I stare at her almond shaped eye,it’s so beautiful i never realized that. despite her tomboy appearance she still has a feminime figure well,she’s a a woman afterall.

I just want to apologize,what is it so hard for me?

“is there something wrong director?” she asked.

“eh…em..do you want to hang out with me sometime?” I scratch the back of my neck,waiting for her reply.

What the hell?why did I said that?!

“sure,if you don’t have to pay me or kiss me all of a sudden like before.” She said with smile on her face.

“thank’s,I’ll call you later.” I said walk away from her.embarrassed,thank god she’s a good girl I feel so bad that I treated her like a whore before.



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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