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Shinee Scenario



1.[Onew] Lee jinki – Speed of light (AZIATIX)

“Please don’t leave me.”onew almost cried when he see you pack your things into your big black suitcase.

“im sorry oppa,but I think it’s never gonna work out between us.”you  said.

for a moment you stop to pack your things and take a glance toward jinki who bent down infront of you.

“but I will miss you..”he whined,you cupped his face and smile.

“you’ll be okay.”he sigh and put his hand around your shoulder.

“I love you,please don’t do this.” You shake your head.

“mianhe oppa,but this is the best for us.”you get up and close your suitcase.

“I guess,this is a goodbye.” He said get up with you as well.

“yeah..”you nod your head.

“well..”his voice trailed off,you can see tears start to forming in the corner of his eye.


“can we meet again sometime,as a friend?”he asked,his voice slightly shaking.


“oppa..you can meet with me whatever you want,theres nothing gonna change just our status that change.”you said.


he can’t hold it his tears anymore his tears start to fall down from his eyes.


________ ,thank you.” He smiled and walk with you toward the main door.

[Kim jonghyun] – Be mine (Infinite)

“aishh…you broke up with you boyfriend again?” jonghyun asked you in a disbelief tone.

“yeah..hiks..hiks..he was..cheating on me.”you said in between your sob.

“what?he did?”honghyun eye widened.

“ne,I saw him with another girl.”you cried again.

“aishh im going to kick that bastard ass.” Jonghyun get up from his seat but you hold him.

“no!are you trying to embrassing yourself?!you an idol,what will people think if you fight!” you trying to reasoning with him.

“fuck with that,where is he right now?!” he release you tight grip so easily and walk out from the SM building to find you ex boyfriend.

“jonghyun please you don’t have to!”you yelled and pulld his wrist.

“why are you protect him?let me punch his face once.”jonghyun angry.

“im not protecting him,im proctecting YOU!”your tears start to fill you eye again and fall down to your cheek.

For a moment jonghyun stared at you,he doesn’t angry anymore when he see you crying again,He pulled you close and hug you tight.

“im sorry,I didn’t mean to make you cry again.”he pulled away, cupped your face and wipe your tears with his thumb.

“please stop crying,I don’t like to see you sad.” He beg.

You pout and punch his chest playfully.

“aww..that’s hurt.”he said jokingly and pat his chest,you stuck your tongue out at him and he let out a chuckle when you do that.

“why don’t you just be mygirlfriend?”he asked bluntly making your stared at him in shock.

“are you joking?”you asked.

He shake his head,his expression change into a serious one.

“no,im serious.. _____ would you be mygirlfriend?” he asked,you can see his hand

slighty trembeling maybe because of the nervousness. But somehow you can hear a sincerity from his voice.

“pabo!” you smiled and hug him.

“is that a yes?”he asked.

You nod your head in his chest he smiled and hug you tighter.

“I’ll promise I won’t make you cry like you ex did to you.”he whispering to your ear.

[Kim ki bum] key – Mirotic (DBSK)

“I got you under my skin..”key  whispered to your ear,he start to striped your clothes one by one.

You can’t do anything,he’s  right he got you under his skin..no one can resist him,he’s too hot for you.

“I know you want it all a long.”he kissed your neck.

“don’t be so confident bastard!” you try to hit him,but he was so fast and catch your first.

“now,now don’t be so rough,my little kitty.”he said,a big grin showing on his face.

“I’ll be gentle.” He whispered again sending you a shiver to your spine.

You try to struggle but he pinned you down you’re so scared and tears start flowing from your eye,key eye widened when he see that.

“ckckck you’re the one who challenge me,but now look who’s crying?” he mimicking you.

“I hate you!”you yelled and puch his chest.

“im sorry,I was just kidding.”he grinned and wipe your tears.

[Choi minho] – Recessional (Vienna teng)

“I guess,thi is it.”you said,minho hold your hand tighter I know he won’t let you go.

“you sure about this?”minho asked this question for a millionth times.

“yes,oppa.”you nod your head.

“I think we can fix it,please give me another chance..”he beg.

You shake your head.

“no oppa,we don’t know each other anymore,you change and I even change.”you stated.

“so what ?!what’s wrong with changing?people changing right?”he asked with an irritated tone.

“yes I know that,but with you is different!”you raised your voice.

“what’s the different?!”he finally snapped and yelling at you.

“I think your changing is scared me,it’s like im living with a stranger!” you said,your hand start to trembeling.

Minho cupped your face.

“im sorry,I shouldn’t yelled.”he said,bring his face closer to you.

“it’s over oppa..it’s over.”you release yourself from minho and drag your suitcase out from minho apartement.

[Lee taemin]- Scribbles (MBLAQ)

“____-ah please pick up the phone.”he whined to his phone,it’s been 3  week you and taemin fight.

“I miss you ____-ah.”he said,he daydreaming in his bedroom thinking about you.

He miss you so much,he even looking at you picture everyday and sigh everytime he see everything that remind him of you.

“taemin,you better go out and have some fresh air.”jonghyun said patted the younger man shoulder.

“but hyung,it’s no use…I already tried that.”taemin pout.

“then go to her house,forgodsake! Do something taemin!”jonghyun snapped and leave him alone.

Jonghyun word,hitting taemin like a bullet.he’s right if he want to make up with you he should do something.

You walk together with onew,he was so sweet to take you out on a date You and him have a lot in common except about the chicken one.suddenly feel a  strong connection with him,if you knew he was the right one maybe you never dated taemin.

“so,can we watch another movie next week?” onew asked.

“sure..”you nod your head and smiled.

“______-ah!!”suddenly taemin showed up from inside your apartement.

“taemin?”you stared at him in confusion look.

“onew hyung?what are you doing with ____-ah?”he asked.

Onew rub the back of his neck.

“actually we..”before onew can finish you covered his mouth.

“let’s talk inside.”you said,waved a goodbye at onew and push taemin into your apartement.

“what are you doing here?”you asked.

“I want to apologize.”taemin stated.

“for what?”you asked in irritated tone.

“for my mistake ofcourse,I know im too childish for you and im willing to change.” He said,you can see he blushed.

“taemin that so sweet of you,but I think im in love with someone else.”you said making his eye widened.

“who is it?”he asked.

You doesn’t answered him,you look to the other way.

“is it onew hyung?!”he asked in horror.

“im so sorry taemin I..”before you could finish taemin run and get out from your apartement slaming the door shut.

His heart feel so hurt when he realize that his too late to get you back.



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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