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MBLAQ scenario


 put your name wherever you see this _____

so its means you= ______

1.[yang seung ho] Confession – changmin (Tvxq)

He smiled look at the picture frame that he hold,how he missed the day when he and you have a date.

He put the picture frame on his desk,and start to dialed your phone number.

“yobuseyo..” you picked up seung ho phone.

“hi _____, it’s me seung ho.”he said.

“seung ho?what do you want?” your voice change to a cold tone.

“are you still mad at me?”he asked.

“im sorry seung ho,I told you it’s over.” You stated.

“why?you can’t end our relationship that way..”

You sigh,for a moment theres a pause between you and him.

“listen seung ho,im getting married.”

For a moment seung ho heartbeat stopped when you said youre getting married.

“you just kidding right?”he asked in a disbelief tone.

“im sorry seung ho but it’s true.”you said.

Seung ho doesn’t say anything,you only could hear his heavy breath.

“seung ho???”you called him.

“ I love you _____,please don’t do this to me” He beg.

“im sorry seung ho,but you’re too late.”you said and hang up.

He cursed to himself,all this time when he was with you he couldn’t say that three simple word,making you so insecure and leave him.

2.[Jung byung hee] (G.O) I love you – 2AM

“you don’t need to come here anymore.” He said coldly,making you pout.

“but oppa,I want you to eat properly,you always forgot your lunch like today.”you said,gave him another mouthful of rice but he pulled away.

“just,stop feeding me im not a kid!” he raised his voice,making you jump slightly in shock.

He just realize he making you almost cry,but he didn’t care he just want you to leave him alone.

“fine,im sorry to bothering you.”you packed your lunch and leave him,tears start to rolled down.

For a few day he feel so relief that you doesn’t comeback and bothering him anymore.

“im hungry..”he whined and patted his stomach.

He trying to cook but he knew he always failed at cooking so he decided to order some food from a restaurant,his apartement feel so empty without you not to mention it’s messy too.

You’re the one who usually clean for him,he sigh and put his instant noodle he wonder to him self why he feel so lonely.

He start to miss your laugh and your joke everything about you he missed it.

it’s been 1 week you doesn’t come to his apartement and he start to worry.

He dialed your phone number,but you always reject his call making him groan and get out from his apartement to find you.

After running around to find you he spot you walking with you male friend,in the park you were chatting and laughing at your friend joke,until you spot byung hee figure staring at you.

“let go!” you said pulled you male friend.

______!!”he called your name.

“im sorry okay?im such a jerk I know that, but please forgive me.. you can punch me or do whatever you want.”he said.

You smiled and walk towards him.

“so you’re sorry?”you asked.

He just nod his head.

“fine, I forgive you.” You said smiled at him,he sigh in relief and hug you.

“I love you _______.” He said bluntly.

You just smiled and nod you’re head.

“I love you too.”

3.[Lee joon] Nothing and everything – RED

Lee joon just stood in the rain,his career as an idol would be end soon he feel everybody turn they back on him even his friend turned they back on him.

He feel that everybody judge him and hate him.

he was crying helplessly muttering you name he regret it to breaking up with you,he know he only need you right now.

______….” He whispered.

“what are you doing here?” he looked up when he heared your voice.

_______!” his face lit up when he see your figure standing infront of him.

“joon..are you okay?” you asked.

“im sorry for breaking up with you,it’s a big mistake.”he said and hug you.

“I know what’s going on joon.”you said.

“and I forgive you.”you said smiling at his chest and hug him tight.

4.[Park sanghyun] (Thunder)   Never be the same – RED

“you changed.” He said,you wince in confusion.

“what do you mean?”you asked.

“you changed,everyting about you change.” He stated.

“how can I be change?”you asked again still don’t understand what he means.

“you become so cold and distant,you’re not _______that I know.”

“really?”you said in disbelief tone. “people change sanghyun.”you said.

“so why you don’t want to get back with me?”he asked,his brown eye looking at me like a hawk.

“I have a boyfriend now,im sorry.”you sigh and stand up from your seat.

“I guess it’s time for us to forget each other.”you said walking away from him leaving him with a big scar on his heart.

5.[Bang chunyong] (Mir) Give your heart a break – Demi lovato

‘The number your called I unreachable please try again for a few minute’

“where are you Mir?” you asked to the phone but no one answering your question.

You can see clearly mir was crying when he left the studio,after the practice you planned to surprise him but you accidently heard his girlfriend breaking up with him.

The break up must be really hard for him because you knew he love his girlfriend so much,but his girlfriend leave him for another guy.

“I know I can do it,,hwaiting ______.” You cheer yourself up and knock his apartement door.

For a moment you wait until mir opened the door.

“hi..”you greet him with a big smile on your face.

“hi.”he replied with a weak tone.

He look so messy he only wear his sweatpants and his black wifebeater, you can see bag under his eye.

“you look like a mess.” you commented.

“whatever.”he said lay down on his couch,he usually angry when you commented how he look.

“what’s wrong with you mister?”you asked pretend to doesn’t know anything and sit down beside him.

“ji min broke up with me last night.”he said and sigh.

“aw,im sorry.”you said.

“I don’t think Ifind another women.”he said.

You hit his leg making him squirm.

“aw that’s hurt!”he whined and pat his leg.

“don’t say that,your a good guy,cute and funny a lot of women will like you. don’t worry you’ll find another in any minute.”you said trying to encourage him.

“ thank you.”he smiled and get up to hug you.

“come on let’s go to a beach,and find a hot women or man.”I said smiling.

“urghh I can believe were bestfriend.” He said jokingly.

“hahaha…shouldn’t you grateful to have a best friend like me?”you said.

“fine,let me take a shower first and changed.”he said ruffle your hair,you smack his hand but he just laugh and get in to his bathroom.



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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