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My Lesbian Girlfriend [part 2]

I miss you - 4minute changmin romance secret tvxq you yunho - main story image



[2 years later..]

“Hi..good morning baby,how are you?im missing you like crazy right now..can you pick me up at airport tomorrow,im going home from new York!! Finally, I can’t wait to see you.”

A voice mail has been received on my otomatic anwer machine.it’s still 6 in the morning I usually wake up earlier but since my girlfriend go to new York I feel really lonely it’s been 2 weeks.

After taking a shower like the ordinary day I go to my office,im an editor in emerald publishing I work there almost 3 years right now,yeah..long time.

“Nara!” I can hear my senior mr.kim called me.

“ah..annyeong haseyo.” I greet him like usual.

“annyeong.”he greet back,he look like really in a rush.

“nara,can you deliver this to the main office?”he gave me a big brown envelope.

“what is it?” my eye still focused to the brown envelope.

“it’s the manuscript,the director asking this manuscript I don’t know why,just deliver it okay?im busy right now.”mr.kim turn his body and leave me with the brown envelope.

Well I can’t say no to my senior,I better hurry up and deliver this manuscript before scolded by mr.kim or the director.

After 15 minute trip Im finally arrived in the main office,the main office is so different than my office it has a big and tall building,im kinda feel intimidated by the environment I mean,I can see all people wearing suit in this building.And im just a tomboy girl wearing jeans,T-shirt and a black jacket.

“excuse me,I’m Lee Nara im here to meet with the director,he told me to deliver this.” I show the brown envelope to the receptionist.

“oh..wait a minute,let me call the director.” While the receptionist call the director I look around to see something interesting or maybe I just avoid the look of disgust from other receptionist maybe she thinks someone like me not belong in this office.

“uhm..miss I guess you can’t meet him now,you can wait in his office,just go to 11 floor and wait for him in  his office,I called the secretary so don’t worry.” The receptionist smiled at me,thank god she’s nicer than the other one.

“oh..okay thank’s.” I turn my body walking towards the lift.

After the lift opened I walk in and press the 11 button not taking too long finally the lift door opened and exposed the luxury director office.

“you mustbe lee nara?” a tall and handsome man talking to me,I guess he is the secretary.

“oh..yes im lee nara.” I nooded my head.

“the director still in the meeting,so you can wait in his office.” That man lead me to a big and neat room before I walk in I look around, amazed by how luxury the room was,the room interior was minimalist dominated by black it’s so comfortable being in this office.

“you can sit there, miss lee.” The man pointed to the black chair infront of the director desk.

“thank you.” I said and sit on the chair.

“please wait for a moment,I’ll call  director jung.” The secretary close the door and leave me alone in the office.

It’s really boring to just sit in this luxury office I stand from my seat and look around I see the bookshelf behind the desk to see the director book collection.

It’s turn out the director has a lot of book collection,even I can find some novel in his bookshelf,so weird..what kind of director is he?

After I satisfied to explore his bookshelf and I startedto explore his desk,I can find a woman photo,the woman was wearing a hanbook her hair was up in korean bun I think she’s on a festival or something.

“Don’t let her in!” I can hear a man voice approaching to the director room,I immediately sit back in my chair and act like nothing happen.

not too long after I sit back on my chair a tall and well built man walk in to the room im guessing he’s the director,his brown eye looking at me puzzled maybe he confused because he called mr.kim but im the one who deliver the manuscript.

“who are you?” he asked me his eye still looking at me watching me from head to toe.

“Im Lee Nara.” I introduce myself.

“oh..so you’re Mr.kim men.” He sit on his big chair.

“actually,im a girl.” I said, make him almost fell from his chair.

“what?! No way,you must be joking.” He said.

“well whatever,I just came here to deliver this.” I give him a brown envelope from mr.kim.

He bring the envelope and open it I can see smile in his face.


Sound of the telephone make our gaze focused on the telephone,director jung picked up the phone.

“yes changmin?” after he picked up the phone,I can see change expression on his face he looked so upset I don’t know what the cause.

After a few moment he looking at me I swear, I can see his evil smirks.

“no..it’s fine changmin,I got a plan.”he said hang up his phone.

After he hang up his phone he walk toward me and sit beside me.

“listen I need your help.”he said,he sound very serious.

“why?”I said, raised my eyebrows.

“just pretend to be my girlfriend.please, I really need your help!” he beg me with his puppy eye.

“what?! No,I can’t pretend.” I said refuse.

“please..i’ll pay you,just this once..ok?”he said I can see tears almost fall from his eye.

“you don’t have to pay me,but just this once ok?”


I can hear a door being open forced.

Before I know what’s happening the director lips landed in mine he kissed me, so I close my eye pretend to like the kiss but the truth is I want to punch him really hard in his face.

“Oppa…what?!”  I can hear an annoyed girly voice after that voice I can hear that girl is crying and run,changmin immidiately close the door.

After a few minute the director pulled away from the kiss.

“what the hell are you doing?” I snap.

“sorry but that’s the only way.” He said innocently.

“you son of—“ before I can complete my sentence he stand up.

“I know im sorry,just said how much you want me to repay you’re kindness.” He said.


My Hands land on his cocky face.

“im not a whore!” I said angrily and get out from his office.

“are you done talking to the director miss lee?” the secretary ask.

“yes I am, and teach your director some manner.” I said walk in into the lift,changmin looked confused maybe because he doesn’t know what his almighty director has just done to me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“so you deliver the manuscript?”ask mr.kim.

“yes I have.” I answer the question bitterly.im still angry about the kiss and director jung.

“what’s wrong with you?you look upset.” Mr.kim turn his gaze at me.

“the director is kinda an asshole isn’t he?”

Mr.kim laugh he almost fell from his chair.

“what?what he had done to you?” he asked still laughing.

“he kissed me can you believe that?and he will pay me for that,what kind of girl did he think I am?!”

After I’ve done with my talking a turn to see  mr.kim surprise face.

“what did you said?he kissed you?”he looking at me with disbelief look.

“yes, he told me to pretend to be his girlfriend and he will pay me for that..” before Im done with my talking im being cut off by the sound of my handpnone ringtone.

Quickly I picked up my phone.


“Nara! It’s me ji eun,changing plans! im going back to korea today.” I smiled happily when I heard the news.

“really?where are you now?” I asked enthusiastically.

“im in incheon airport right now,there’s a lot paparazzi here.” She sound really sad when he said paparazzi well,paparazzi always be the enemy for celebrities.

“oh..i see,so do you wan’t me to pick you up or not?”

“I really want you to,but.. you can’t, I don’t want to risk your life.” She laugh.

“okay,okay maybe I just wait in our apartement.”  I said sadly.

“im sorry baby,I know you missed me I just can’t wait to see you.”

“ me too baby,I can’ wait to hug you.” she chuckle hearing my flirting.

“I can’t wait too Nara,I have to go see you in apartement.”

“okay,bye I love you.”

“I love you too.” She finally hang up.

After the conversation with ji eun I forget all about the director and hisinsolentbehavior earlier.

“you’re girlfriend call?” mr.kim looking at me and wiggle his eyebrows,I hate when he do that.

“yes,she said she get back from new york today.”

“ehm hotdate ehm tonight ehm..” he pretend to cough, I know he was teasing me.

“ugh..you’re just jealous.” I playfully punch his arms, he let out a laugh when I do that.



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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