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My Lesbians Girlfriend

hello guys!! cherryss balik lagi dengan cerita baru nih

tapi cherryss nulis cerita ini dalam bahasa inggris

itung-itung latihan wkwwkwk sorry kalau misal nya banyak typo dan grammar error

masih belajar namanya juga (^_^)

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Title: My Lesbian Girlfriend

Author : Cherryss @ indonesiafanfictionarea.wordpress.com

Cast :

  • Jung Yunho
  • Lee Nara (You)
  • Song Ji eun (Secret girlband)
  • Shim Changmin
  • Kim Hyuna (4minute)

Genre : Romance,sad,angst,little bit comedy


Length : not decided yet!

Rating : PG

[Nara POV]

“are you a lesbian?” my long lost bestfriend that im in love with ,song ji eun suddenly asked me that im a lesbian or not,a topic that I never want to dicuss with her.

All this time im always hiding my sexuality from her,i live in a country with full of homophobia people so I never have a courage to tell people the truth that im a lesbian.

I can lie easily to people,telling them that im straight,but ji eun?she’s my real bestfriend I can’t lie to her so easily sometime I hate myself for that.

“why are you asking that?”I said nervously,clutched my mug.

“please just answer it!” she command.

I hate this conversation,I just want to escape but I don’t know how.sometime I wish I have more courage to tell her the truth after hiding 5 years I think,it’s the right time to tell her the truth there’s no escape way…

“yeah..im a lesbian.” I finally said that, I finally confess after hiding for over 5 year.

“you are?!why didn’t you tell me!” Ji eun looking at me with her angry expression,I can’t say anything to defending myself, im the one whose at fault.

“5 years we’ve been bestfriend nara?! Im your bestfriend! I thought you’re trust me.” She countinued still angry,I can see hurt expression on her face right now.

“im sorry okay?back then im not sure if I like girls,im scared! I don’t want you to hate me.” I said bite my lower lips nervously.

I don’t want her to hate me because im afraid of losing her,she has no Idea that im in love with her all this years seeing her changing boyfriend very often make my heart broken a little bit,sometime I wish I can kill all those guy’s .

“that’s you excuse?nara you don’t have any idea,if you tell me the truth,maybe we never fight and hate each other back then…” her voice softened,she start to cry.

Yeah 1 year ago we have a fight,a really big fight I don’t know what the cause but Ji eun suddenly left me ,move out from our apartement in seoul and becoming a singer ,without telling me anything or even send me a message about it.

We lost contact after her debut as one of ‘secret’member but fate bring us to meet again at a local supermarket and here we are, at our old apartement fighting again.

“don’t cry.. im sorry!” I hesitantly hug her and pant her head slowly.

“I love you nara.” I can hear Ji eun, even she said that word faintly.

“what?!i thought you’re straight?!”im schoked from what I’ve heard,all this time I know her she’s always been a playgirl always changed boyfriend like she changed clothes.

“I was straight! But when I met you..i..i feel something weird,im always get jealous when I see you with guys or girl,I just..i just want you to pay attention to me.” She clutched her wrist.

How cute she is when she nervous, I can see her hand slightly shaking.i touched her hand softly make her eye looking at me those brown round eye so beautiful tonight.

“I love you too.” I said smiling at her.

“you do?”she look surprised, her beautiful brown eye looking at me now with full of excitement.

“yeah,I just realize that now..hell,I think im in love with you these past years.” Don’t realize what I just said but ji eun look really surprised.

I just realized what I said and cover my mouth with my hands.

What did I do?! Im so stupid! She must be think im weird…fuck! I scewed up.why the hell I said that?! I really want to smack my big mouth right now.

“you do?” ji eun said,put her hand in my cheek.

“em…” I nooded my head awkwardly.

This is really awkward..

“im so stupid,I should realize that.”she mumbled to herself.

“it’s not your fault,youre straight back then right?”

Ji eun smiled,and hold my hands.

“I never can think straight when im with you,you have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now.” She lean in for a kiss.

I kiss her,her lips feel so soft and warm when touching with mine,there’s a butterfly on my stomach right now.something that I never felt when im kissing a boy or maybe because im kissing ji eun?

As I expected she really good at kissing,she really passionate and confident .she’s not afraid to put her tongue on my mouth,her tongue dancing with mine  very slowly her hand was exploring my blonde bleached hair I wrapped my hand around her waist after 5 minute she gasping for some air and pulled away from our kiss.

“our first kiss..”she laugh,I looking at her with puzzled eye.

“do you like it?”I hug her slim body and kiss her forehead, I can hear a chuckle escape from her red lips.

“ofcourse I do..”with that she kiss me again.

This is the best day of my life…


nah gimana?gimana? tertarik?

sorry yang gak ngerti bahasa inggris 😦
kemungkinan cherryss bakalan bikin yang versi indonesia nya juga kalau ada yang minta



Nothing special about me im just a women who have alot of free time

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